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The Claw Pattern Trading Strategy was designed by our team at TSG to take advantage of the historical surge in Bitcoin price. Bitcoin price surged to a record high of $19,783 and has gone even past $20,000 on Asia cryptocurrency exchanges at the end of 2017.

Read forward if you want to discover this unique trading pattern traded through our Bitcoin signal indicator. You’ll be able to spot with precision accuracy Bitcoin buy and sell signal which is the reason why this trading method is creating some serious buzz in the trading community.

We know that there are thousands, if not millions, of new traders that need guidance to help them master the cryptocurrency market.

Our proprietary trend trading indicator: the Bitcoin Signal Indicator can help you capitalize on the Bitcoin price movement. This unique indicator trades a very unique and distinguish price action chart pattern that we call the Bitcoin claw pattern.

For many weeks now our team has been analyzing some easy Bitcoin trading patterns that have the potential to make you big profits. But in our mind, we initially thought, "It's just buzz; it will die off soon..."

When we sat down and did some backtesting, we finally realized that this is not going away and we need to take action fast because this amazing pattern can really turn your trading 180 degrees. You can also read our best Gann Fan Trading Strategy.

Now …

Moving forward we’re going to highlight the benefits of using our Bitcoin proprietary indicator, as well as a step by step guide to trade the Claw chart pattern.

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Bitcoin Claw Pattern Indicator - Introduction

The Bitcoin Signal indicator was developed to identify the claw pattern which is used to identify long-term trends. We prefer using this proprietary indicator only the 1h chart and above because that’s where the most amazing trading opportunities are and the big money is made.

Bitcoin claw pattern indicator

The Bitcoin Claw pattern indicator was build using the same trading mechanism from the ATR (Average True Range) indicator and it seeks to search for valid price range breakouts.

Our proprietary trend indicator has also the capacity to generate tradable buy and sell signals. This means that you’ll know exactly without any confusion when is the appropriate time to buy or to sell Bitcoin.

Moving forward we’re going to highlight what are the best settings for the Bitcoin Signal indicator.

Easy bitcoin trading patterns

Here, we’re more concern with the Trend parameters:

  • Period = is related to the ATR period and the higher the period the higher the trend volatility represented by the Bitcoin Signal indicator will be. Period = 120.
  • Channel with multiplier = the higher the multiplier is, the wider the price distance between the up trendline and down trendline will be. Channel width multiplier = 2.0.

Customize it as you wish! We allow you to change a good portion of the rules, to tweak this system to even make more money that we anticipate.

Now, before we can show you how to effectively trade with the Claw Pattern Trading strategy and how to make money from riding the bullish Bitcoin trend. Here is another strategy called Time-Based Trading Strategy. …Now let’s first define the Claw chart pattern.

 What is the Bitcoin Claw Pattern?

This pattern you will not learn anywhere else simply because no one knows about it.

The claw chart pattern is a low risk high reward Bitcoin trading pattern that was discovered by our team at Trading Strategy Guides. Our proprietary bitcoin signal indicator trades the claw pattern.

The secret formula behind this amazing pattern is within our proprietary Bitcoin signal indicator. You don’t need to worry and surf the charts all day long to search for this chart pattern because the Bitcoin signal indicator will do all the job for you.

bitcoin claw pattern graph

Everything you need to successfully trade the Bitcoin Claw pattern starting from your entry point and ending with your exit point it’s going to be supplied by our proprietary indicator.

Like any other easy bitcoin trading patterns all you need to do is to be ready to pull the trigger when the Bitcoin signal indicator will issue a buy alert.

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Claw Pattern Trading Strategy – Buy Rules

Now that you’re familiar with our proprietary indicator, let’s walk through an easy step-by-step guide that will frame for you an easy trading strategy to ride the trend. We’re going to focus on the buy side since that’s where the trend is and the big money is made.

The Bitcoin Signal indicator will spot for you these easy Bitcoin trading patterns. All you need to do is to get familiarized with how the indicator really works.

Step #1 Wait for Bitcoin Signal indicator to issue an Up-green arrow – Buy signal

Our proprietary indicator can issue clean and accurate buy signals that can immediately make you a PRO cryptocurrency trader.

If you want to see the revolutionary pattern recognition system in action, check out the figure below:

bitcoin claw pattern graph

The Bitcoin Signal Indicator is a fast and easy-to-use indicator developed for Meta Trader 4, Meta Trader 5, and Tradingview Platform that shows you accurate trade entries.

This indicator helps you analyze the market on any time frame in a matter of seconds.

We have a feature that will allow for pop up alert signals whenever a buy signal is found so you won’t miss any Bitcoin trading opportunity.

Step #2 Make the Bitcoin trend visible by coloring the candle.

For a better Bitcoin trend visualization, we recommend using the Colored Candles option. This option will paint both bullish and bearish candles the same color when they trade above the bottom of the channel.

We recommend using green candles when Bitcoin trades above the channel because you’ll be able to identify much quicker any change in the trend direction.

Bitcoin claw pattern graph

Note* Once the candle change color that’s also a signal to exit your Bitcoin buy position.

Step #3 Place Protective stop loss below the Bitcoin Claw Pattern

The initial protective stop loss is always placed below the red box drawn by our Bitcoin Signal indicator.

This is quite intuitive:

bitcoin claw pattern graph

You also have the option to trail your stop loss, a brand new feature we added to the Bitcoin Signal Indicator.

Easy bitcoin trading patterns graph

The way it works is that when you turn this feature on in the settings the indicator will continue to show you where to place your trailing stop loss. So that if your trade never reached your target, and it ended up turning against you, you will at least protect some of the trade since you locked in the profits.

Step #4 Take Profit when we break below Bitcoin signal channel

Our take profit strategy is straightforward!

Take profits and close your long Bitcoin trade once the Bitcoin signal channel is broken to the downside. If you use the built-in trailing SL function you can automate the whole TP process. Basically, you can accomplish the same results if you use the trailing SL option.

You can always wait for the next big opportunity to catch the next up-swing wave.

bitcoin claw pattern profit graph

Note* The Bitcoin Signal Indicator has many more customizable settings that can make your life easier.

Tradingview Bitcoin Signal Indicator

bitcoin signal indicator gif

The Bitcoin signal indicator that specifically trades the claw pattern is also available on Tradingview!

What is Tradingview?

They are an advanced financial visualization platform designed for all market traders who desire to find a winning system. Whether you want to look for basic price charts or plotting complex strategies they have the tools and the data that you need! It is also the most active social network for traders on the web! If you would like to see it for yourself go here now! 

With that being said, Tradingview graciously gives us the ability to show you our Bitcoin Signal Indicator (a live Preview)

Let's check out A few charts with our Bitcoin Signal Indicator:

BTCUSD graph


XRPUSD graph


EURUSD graph


Bitcoin happens to be very volatile which means that it can move very fast in a short period of time so you need to take EXTRA caution when you trade this market and have a plan before you get in. We also have a training for the best short-term trading strategy.

Most likely our discovered Bitcoin Claw pattern is a hidden gem that could take your trading crypto to the next level!  We actually were skeptical at first to share this because we thought it was a fluke since we just kept nailing trade after trade with this claw pattern trading strategy.

We believe that this amazing pattern can double, maybe triple, your crypto account this year. Don’t hesitate to at least give it a try and see by yourself the power of trading easy bitcoin trading patterns.

Thank you for reading!

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