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Changing Traders Lives By Provide the Best Free Trading Education and Trading Strategies.


About Us

Our Vision is that our traders will learn how to master the markets.The Dream of Trading has crushed millions of people’s lives.They enter the markets with a hope to provide a new way of life.Only to have their hearts crushed when the reality of the markets comes in and steals their dreams.We exist to bring the dream back.To show you how to master the markets and not let the markets master you.

To provide a lifestyle for you.

To give you security in the markets instead of fear.

To give you a way to provide for your family.

To give you time- Money is really time and when you get money you get time for the things you want to do.

To enable you to build solid relationships with people you care about most.

To create a peaceful and loving environment at home when you have control of your finances.

To eliminate stress, reduce tension and allow for more confidence no matter what the market does.

At Trading Strategy Guides we all come to work each and every day because we desire to solve the biggest problems in our industry. The lack of good information for market traders. Our goal is simple. To help traders and investors of all levels in all walks of life with all types of goals and motivations. We strive to give you the best trading strategies and current market information. In fact, we are one of the largest communities of active traders and investors on the web today. We provide content for over 200,000+ active followers and over 12,000+ members. Our trading strategies have been featured all over the internet, which you will find on the most popular trading blogs and forums.

Since we have started, our team has been actively growing and developing strategies, trading indicators, webinars, courses, live trade calls, one-on-one coaching calls, and much more. Every single one of these tools we offer has changed traders’ lives by allowing them to adopt a new strategy or system. The trading strategies and indicators that you will find on this website will not only help you be successful but also allow you to grow at your own pace as a trader. Our mission is to simplify trading strategies by giving traders a detailed plan with step-by-step rules to follow. We continue to do this with each and every strategy that we produce on our website. 

Meet our team of expert day traders, forex traders, financial advisers, chart experts, and market analysts with over 50+ years of combined trading experience.



casey stubbs founder of trading strategy guides

Casey Stubbs


Casey Stubbs is the founder of Trading Strategy guides along with several other trading related businesses. You can find out more about Casey and his trading book – Ultimate Harmonic Patterns on his website.

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Ben Losier Product Manager

Ben Losier


Ben has been at Trading Strategy Guides since it was founded. He is responsible for the content that is developed along with managing the team. You can connect with Ben with his LinkedIn profile.


Nathan Allen Analytics Officer

Nathan Allen


Nathan helps track of key metrics for TradngStrategyGuides. He also is responsible for the ad content and managing the ads team.

alex florez customer support

Alex Flores


Alex handles the bulk of support questions. He has been leading support for 5+ years and will assist anyone with their questions.

Don J. Chart Expert

Don J.


Don is the chart expert. He loves analyzing the market and has been trading for many years. He is well known for his expert chart analysis on tradingview. 

Roman F. Chief Software Engineer

Roman F.


Roman is responsible for the creation and updates on the trading indicators that are found here on TradingStrategyGuides. He has 17+ years working in software development.

Stelian O. Content Manager

Stelian O.


Stelian develops most of the trading strategies that are available on TradingStrategyGuides. He is a self taught trader having spent the past several years developing custom made trading systems and strategies.


Don J. Chart Expert

Tim Black


Tim is one of the original team members. He hosts a daily trading room (Monday-Friday). Tim is a Forex Trader, Musician, computer technician, software developer, and an occasional blogger.



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