There are no shortcuts if you want to learn how to buy crypto ICOs and make money out of it. This beginner’s guide to ICO investing is provided for educational purposes only. We’re going to walk through the steps you need to take before investing in crypto ICOs.

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Bitcoin the first cryptocurrency was launched in 2009. The first ICO was held in 2013 by Mastercoin when Ethereum ETH raised an initial $18 million in funds. At that time Ethereum was one of the most successful ICOs, rising 3,700 BTC in its first 12 hours, which was around $2.3 million.

In 2018 alone, more than $7.5 billion funds were raised through crypto ICOs. The 2018 crypto ICO list totaled 1247 new projects. At the time of writing this article, there is a big crypto ICO list totaling 2085 cryptocurrencies.

There are lots of misinformation out there about what a crypto ICO is or isn’t. Moving forward, we’re going to explain the ICO crypto meaning and then we’ll show you how to get involved.

This will give you a better understanding of how to buy a crypto ICO.

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ICO Meaning

So, what is ICO?

An ICO is an abbreviation that stands for Initial Coin Offering. Sometimes an ICO also stands for a Token sale or initial Token offering. In essence, a crypto ICO is a way to raise money for blockchain projects. This is were a cryptocurrency or token is offered to early investors, before being listed on a crypto ICO exchange.

The aim of the crypto ICOs is to kickstart a project.

Crypto Icos

There are lots of hot crypto ICOs, but most are considered to be high-risk investments. When investing in a token sale we advise you to be cautious.

Investing in an ICO isn’t about getting rich quickly because there is a lot of scrutinies that go into token sales. Learn more about the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2019.


Crypto Ico List

To better understand the Initial Coin Offering ICO, we can look at an ICO as something similar to an IPO. In an IPO Initial Public Offering, we’re talking about stock shares. The IPO has been the traditional way to raise capital from the public.

The key differentiation between ICO vs. IPO can be easily broken down into five key features:

  • ICOs are usually funded with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. IPOs are funded with cash to purchase shares.
  • In a crypto ICO as soon as you transfer the Bitcoins BTC, you will receive coins or tokens in return of your investment, whereas in an IPO you get shares.
  • In an ICO, the investors’ long-term expectation is that the coin will become a form of a currency in a limited state on that platform. For share investors, they are looking for consistent and growing dividends.
  • In an ICO anyone can participate whereas in an IPO there is some limited access.
  • An ICO can be done for a company that can be a few months old. This is a very early pre-revenue stage companies that don’t necessarily have a proof of concept. On the other hand, an IPO is usually done by established companies.

How To Buy Crypto Ico

Now, let’s see how to buy crypto ICO.

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How to Buy Crypto ICO

There are many different things you have to take into consideration before investing in anything whether that is real estate or a startup or an ICO.

First thing first, before participating in any ICO, it’s important to do your own extensive research like:

  • Reading the white paper.
  • Deciding if the crypto ICO provides real-world value
  • And researching the team behind the ICO project.

Only invest in the best ICOs. To participate in an Initial Coin Offering you need follow an easy and quick three-step process:

  1. Owning the appropriate crypto that the ICO is accepting as an investment.
  2. Using a compatible cryptocurrency wallet that needs to be compatible with the ICO token.
  3. Double-check the deposit key address from official sources

Crypto Icos

Important note: failure to follow these rules can result in a loss of investment.

Some hot crypto ICOs will require investors to provide their personal details as part of their Know Your Customer process. However, there are also some crypto ICOs that are only available to private investors.

Most crypto ICOs have a hard cap, which is the maximum amount a company will raise as an investment for their project.

Let’s go through a real practical example on how to buy crypto ICO. For the purpose of this article, we’re going to show you how you could have participated in the Tron crypto ICO.

Step #1: Register for the ICO through the Tron website

Crypto Ico List

Every authentic blockchain project that seeks to raise funds through an ICO needs to have a website. The Tron project’s website should cover information like:

  • How much money they need to rise.
  • How long the crowdfunding campaign will last.
  • What is the project is all about?
  • The goals of Tron crypto ICO

Usually, you will have to register to participate in hot crypto ICOs and go through the KYC process.

Step #2: Buy Bitcoin or Ether

How To Buy Crypto Ico

In order to buy an ICO, you’ll first need to buy one of the two major cryptocurrencies Bitcoin or Ether. Bitcoin BTC is accepted everywhere in the crypto world but Ether is also widely used to buy ICO tokens.

Every ICO has a minimum amount that you need to invest. The top tokens that can be found in any crypto ICO list have the minimum amount stipulated in the project’s white paper.

If you don’t own BTC or ETH already, then you need to use one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges to purchase bitcoin or Ethereum using fiat money.

Step #3: Move your BTC or Ether in a Secure Wallet

Secure Crypto Wallet

We don’t recommend keeping your coins in a wallet that is provided by the cryptocurrency exchange. Instead, transfer your coins to a compatible and secure wallet, such as Ethereum wallets, so your funds are more secure. Alternatively, you can transfer your coins to a hardware wallet, which is considered to be the safest way to store your cryptocurrency.

Step #4: Buy Tron Crypto ICO

Ico Meaning

Once you have your Bitcoin or Ether available you simply have to send the amount you wish to buy to the Tron campaign’s address. The wallet address you have to transfer your funds will be given to you once you register on the Tron website.

Step #5: Send your Bitcoin or Ether to the Tron ICO address

What Is Ico

Before sending your funds to the ICO deposit address make sure you double-check you’re using the correct address. Otherwise, any error will result in the loss of your funds.

Once the funds are received, after sending ether or bitcoin, you will get your ICO tokens to your deposit private key address. Your crypto ICOs can be deposited immediately, but sometimes during a hot ICO, the transaction can be delayed.

Step #6: Make sure your ICO tokens are safe and secure

Ico Token

Once you received your ICO tokens, make sure you store your newly purchased coins or tokens to a safe and secure wallet.

After the funds raising campaign is over, the tokens will eventually be listed on a crypto exchange where you can trade them usually against bitcoin or Ethereum.

Conclusion – Crypto ICOs

Crypto ICOs are a practice to crowdfunding big blockchain projects and some of the most innovative token projects in the world. It’s always essential to do your own due diligence before investing money in ICOs. Most of the time, the ICO project will provide you with a step-by-step process on how to buy crypto ICO.

There are many hot crypto ICOs that are being launched every week. All tokens that you can find in the crypto ICO list are driven by hopes of 1,000%+ returns in a very short period of time.

The ICO industry, which barely even existed before has generated billions of dollars and it has tremendous upside potential but at the same time, the risk is also greater.

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Crypto Ico Guide

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