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These days, there is a lot of hype surrounding auto trading systems. If you are a regular subscriber to any Forex website, you have probably seen ads or received emails promoting trading systems.

Every company claims to have the best trading system and to be able to make massive returns. Of course, we all know that most of these robotic trading software systems are not even close to what they are made out to be.

A majority of you have probably tried one or more systems and seen them fail. Of course, when you spend two thousand dollars on a system to do your trading for you, you expect it to work and when it doesn’t, it is quite a disappointment. However, we shouldn’t really be surprised that these systems don’t work.

The Dangers of Automated Trading Systems

First of all, it is sad to say that many people in the business of selling these trading systems do not really care about the success of their customers. They know that if they make the system sound profitable and look cool that people will buy; and once they buy, what do they care if the system doesn’t work at all?

Even if a company is honest and does care about its customers’ success, there are still several things that can make a system fail. One common reason why even honest companies fail is a lack of testing. For instance, a company may develop a trading robot and test it on a master account and have very high profits for three or four months.

They see the results and are so excited that they just can’t wait to get it out there so they immediately put it on the market for sale. The main reason this is not good for you, the customer, is because the testing was EXTREMELY narrow. A robot trading on one account, with one broker, and at the times that one trader happens to have it running does not give you a complete picture of whether or not this robot can be successful in the long run (NOT EVEN CLOSE!).

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They Don't Work in Varying Market Conditions

Another way that companies go wrong is when they release trading software that is completely built around the current market conditions. Many times a company will discover a strategy that is raking in the cash and turn it into an automated trading system, do some quick testing and ship it out.

When a customer buys the system, it may work for them for a while, but as soon as the market conditions change, the robot is useless. This is where you need optimization. A good trading system should be based on a proven strategy that has worked for many years and then is only slightly modified as the market conditions change. Also, read about the trading conditions you want to avoid in the forex market.

Our Auto Trading Software

Keeping everything that we have just talked about in mind, the team Trading Strategy Guides thought that we could build an automated trading software. One that actually works and that people would consider a real investment when they saw that it truly made them money in the Forex market. Also be sure to read our secret Gold Trading Strategy.

Considering all of the things that these companies do wrong, we wanted to make sure we did a few things right:

1.) Not claim that our system wins every trade and can turn a thousand dollars into a million dollars in a month. We understand that trading is not gambling. The way to truly succeed in Forex is to have larger winners than losers and win a solid percentage of your trades. That is what we designed our system to do.

2.) Test like crazy! We understand that most systems fail because they have not been tested in enough scenarios. Because of this, after we developed our system, we gave it to about 200 real traders, just like you, to do extensive testing. They all traded it their own way with whatever broker they chose, and gave us feedback constantly. With their feedback and testing results, we optimized and critiqued the system until it reached its full potential.

3.) Base it on a proven strategy that has worked for years. We based our system on Casey Stubbs’ personal strategy that has been successful for a long time and works in any market condition.

4.) Make it optimizable. We created our system so that we could tweak the settings to make it more profitable when the market condition changes.

With some of those key components, the help of our 200 traders, and hundreds of hours developing and optimizing, Trading Strategy Guides came up with the Forex Catapult. The Catapult is, in fact, a trading robot; but unlike most of these other systems out there it has been properly built, tested and optimized to be successful both now and in the future.

It is not supposed to win a 100% of its trades or double the account size every week, but it continues to pull in profits week after week with a solid strategy and money management just like a great trader does. This is why I believe that Forex Catapult is the best system around.

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