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Top 10 Stock Blogs - The Super Bowl of Stock Trading

We’ve done the hard work for you and decided to rank for you the top 10 stock blogs. Stocks trading remains one of the oldest form of trading, and it’s still the only type of trading that most ordinary people have heard of. A very common question that we often get is where find quality content and actionable stock trading strategies.

Your wait is over because we have done some research and took some time off to find the best stock blogs on the internet. We really had to set some high standards to make the cut into our best stock websites. In order to filter out the numerous amount of options that we have for stocks blog to follow, we had to be extremely selective. We’ve focused only on the best blogs that provide top quality trading advice and are updated at least once or twice a week.

We’re going to share with you some of the top stock sites that we use every day. To find our top picks, we examined every stocks trading blog and tried to pick one particular area where they excel the most and are the best in the industry. We all have different trading styles and trading experiences so our trading needs may be different.

We hope this explanation we’ll give you a better understanding of our approach when it comes down to selecting the top stocks websites.

The best way to be able to make sure that you only invest in top-quality stocks is for you to do your own research and create your own criteria list that every stock has to meet before you invest in them. By following and focusing only on certain stocks trading blogs you can save lots of time and in the end, you can get more quality information about your favorite stock.

Without further ado, these are the top 10 stock blogs on the Internet which we recommend:

Stock Charts

Top 10 stock blogs

Stock Charts is a great tool to start learning about analysis of the stock market specifically technical analysis. They offer completely free charts which is cool. If you’re a beginner and looking to get involved in understanding technical analysis, the Chart School section will teach you about everything you need to know to be an expert stock trader.

Most traders know Stock Charts for their awesome charting software tool, but not many are aware that they provide great content on a daily basis. Under their Blog Articles section you’ll find many technical analysis researches on your favorite stocks and plenty of insightful trading tips that you can apply right away in your trading process. The content is pure gold and it’s rarely missing what goes on the stock market.

If there is a big stock mover and if some stock breaks some key technical level for sure you’ll first read about it on Stock Charts. Every tool you need in terms of technical analysis Stock Charts will supply it for you. Usually, Stock Charts is the first place to go for many professional stock traders so you can develop the habit to check them out too.

Seeking Alpha

best stock blogs

Seeking Alpha is the biggest website of stock macro analysis and right when you land on this website you get bombarded with tone of top trading articles, top news, you got the latest portfolio headlines and you can follow so many different authors that you personally like.

The other market tools we like are the top market gainers and when the latest earnings report comes out. You also get the market performance reports which is not too bad to read if you want to stay on top of your trading game.

The most important feature that we like on Seeking Alpha is that the authors will write anything worth reading. The authors are market experts that come with different levels of trading experience that write straight opinion pieces that keep you up to date with what’s going on in the market. You won’t be able to read anything that is posted on Seeking Alpha because there are too many authors so make sure you follow only the top dogs that add value to your own trading.

Another interesting feature we find attractive is that you can customize what type of news you get notified on based on your favorite stock ticker symbol. Make sure you bookmark this stock blog website.

Trading Strategy Guides

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Trading Strategy Guides has made again our top 10 stocks blogs because the TSG website has become synonymous with good quality trading strategies for any market, not just stocks. They give away a tremendous amount of free stock trading strategies, which is why they are among top investing blogs.

You won’t get bored reading through Trading Strategy Guides blog because they always make their blog posts entertaining and easy to follow. There are lots of different trading ideas and trading tips you can get from TSG. Each strategy is well-structured and easy to follow as each step of the strategy is outlined. We like that they use a tone of technical charts in order to show how their trading strategies work.

This is a good stock trading blog to have saved in your bookmarks, because the blog is being constantly updated and it’s run by experienced traders that are also ready to answer all your questions.

Essentially Trading Strategy Guides blog is run with the main idea to help other traders to advance their trading education and to teach others stocks trading tips used only by the smart money. It’s no mystery why Trading Strategy guides’ strategies are always featured on the 1st Google page.

Dragon Fly Capital

Top 10 stock blogs

Gregory W. Harmon the man behind Dragon Fly Capital blog deserves no introduction. His background and past positions he held at JP Morgan, BNP Paribas and State Street speaks volume about is level of expertise when it comes to stock trading.

We’ve picked Dragon Fly capital among our top stocks websites because Greg provides money management, expert technical analysis and trading ideas using stocks in a very easy way.

Greg will give his top stock picks and trade ideas, at least once a day and sometimes there will be even multiple blog posts if multiple stock trades are presented in the market. He will always give his best trades for the week ahead and we like that each trade recommendation is accompanied with a technical chart that highlights the key technical levels.

The SPY Sentiment section of the website is a great short weekly analysis of the S&P 500 SPDR that can give you an easy glance of what to expect on SPY in terms of market sentiment. If you’re a SPY trader make sure you include Dragon Fly Capital into your best stock blogs.

Learn to Trade for Profit

top investing blogs

Crawford the owner and founder of Learn to Trade for Profit website, as the name of the blog suggests is trying to teach you how to make profitable trades. Among other things he focuses on teaching people his top 3 price action signals. He also shares lots of valuable content from beginner level to advance level so no matter of your level of experience you can still learn something new.

Crawford believes in diversification and multiple streams of income which is the reason why throughout his blog he covers different asset classes from Forex, Options, Stocks, Futures and Cryptocurrencies.

Crawford is the polar opposite of the get rich quick advertisers that you can find on social media. He doesn’t rent a Lamborghini or pretend to live in a multi-dollar penthouse. He is sober, but you know you get the real stock trading advices from him. His stock trading blog is more of the same, solid and good quality information that you can apply in your trading right away and see immediate improvements.

If you want to learn how to trade stocks and anything in between, then you should be reading Learn to Trade for Profit blog. Probably, Learn to Trade for Profit is the best investment blogs for beginners.

Swing Trade Stocks

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Craig Ferguson is the owner of Swing Trade Stocks, and he does a great job in providing countless stock trading lessons. The blog focuses mainly on providing good quality material on swing stock trading. We like the fact that the blog is abundant in articles that can teach beginner, intermediate and advance swing trading strategies.

Craig has developed a comprehensive education portal on Swing Trade Stocks site to help stock traders gain the right mindset for swing trading the stock market. Craig story about how he got into stock swing trading is very familiar with the stories of so many other stock traders. If you relate to his struggles for sure his swing stock lesson will make so much more sense. The website is easy to use and has a practical format which is the perfect environment for learning.

The articles on Swing Trade Stocks are always very informative and filled with the necessary technical charts. If you’re eager to learn some new trading tips on how to better swing the market make sure you keep Swing Trade Stocks blogs in your favorite stock trading blogs.

Finance and Markets

best value investing blogs

Finance and Markets website is a multi assets news stream website that covers all the big news events that have the potential to affect the stock market. Essentially at Finance and Markets you will get the latest stock market, financial and business news. There is a special News tab where you can find all your stock trading news and the latest earnings report that may affect the price of your favorite stock.

The news content is almost similar to what you get from the mainstream news outlets like Bloomberg or Reuters. On the education section you’ll find plenty of trading tips and tricks and step by step trading guides that you can’t find on Bloomberg or Reuters.

Apart from the news section and the education portal, Finance and Markets also run the Cashflow Hacking Podcast hosted by market guru Casey Stubbs. The podcast is very helpful if you want to learn how to manage all the aspects around your personal finances.

Make sure you visit Finance and Markets every day for the latest news and don’t forget to add it in your best stock blogs to follow if you want to have the best value investing resources right at your fingertips.

Vantage Point Trading

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Cory Mitchell the founder and owner of Vantage Point Trading begin trading in 2015 and he is a member of the Market Technicians Association, which means he is a licensed chartist that knows how to properly read the information from the price charts.

The Vantage Point Trading blog has an extensive library of trading tutorials and stock educational trading articles. Cory is always ready to help everyone and he is prompt in replying all questions. His mission is to help those traders who are ready to put in the necessary time and effort to succeed.

His articles are focused more on helping new traders, but you will also find lots of trading tips that can help even the more experienced traders.The Vantage Point Trading website is kept updated with valuable and fresh new content few times a week. You will also have access to many reports that will help you the best trading decision.

Market Chess

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The founder of Market Chess goes under a pseudonym – chessNwine, to hide his true identity. However, based on his profile we know that he is a former New York licensed attorney and professional poker player. It’s well-known in the trading community that poker players have the required discipline to become successful traders. Market Chess is among the best personal investing blogs out there.

The weekend overview and analysis video is a very condensed analysis of what are the best trades in the market. If you have a 9 to 5 job, it won’t steal much of your time to watch these videos. His videos are highly recommended by hundreds of traders so it definitely makes a good place to start gaining more insights into what is happening in the stock market.

No matter from where you take your daily dose of stock market research, make sure Market Chess is among your top stocks websites. Now we don’t know much about his paid service, but we’re only endorsing the free of charge section of his blog. We won’t go as far as to recommend any paid service since there is plenty of information available for free all over the internet.

Market Watch

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When it comes to financial news, Market Watch is the number one source of information for stock traders. Market Watch is one of the best stock blogs because they are the fastest stock trading blogs as far as news goes. Since they are a major news network they have all the resources to be one of the most informative stock blogs on the internet.

Market Watch is always on top of their game being able to provide top market updates, stock news and stock quotes. You can personalize what types of news you want to receive so your experience will be so much more productive. You also have a dedicate tab for real time news that will be supplied to you every second.

Market Watch puts at your disposal many useful features which allow you to make better trading decision and to put professional research reports so you will make more informed decisions about your favorite stock.

If you want to get the latest news and articles about your favorite stock picks make sure Market Watch is in your bookmark list.

Conclusion - Best Stock Blogs

We’re obviously biased for mentioning Trading Strategy Guides in our best stock blogs, but due to the popularity of our blogs and the fact that we’re constantly ranked on the 1st page of Google and many times being the number one result when it comes to trading strategies it speaks for itself why we’ve chosen to mention TSG in the top 10 stock blogs.

The bottom line is that you need multiple sources of information because each of the recommended stock blogs excels in only one particular area. In order to have a comprehensive view of what goes on the market, you’ll need multiple-sources of information. All the recommended stock blogs are free!

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that when you’re conducting your own online research, you need to be very careful what sources of information you use. You need trusted and reliable sources in order to make the best trading decisions. It’s very easy to end up on stock scam websites that promote bad stocks. From these types of website just stay away!

If you’re into forex trading, please check out our top 10 Forex blogs HERE.

Thank you for reading!

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