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Top 10 Trading Blogs - You Won't Believe Who Made It Into Our List

Being a good trader means having the right education, which is why we’ve put together a list of the top 10 trading blogs of 2018. You can put in countless hours in researching about trading topics, and you still won’t be able to know everything. There are always going to be some stones left to turn. And this, my friends, is the reason why you need to be careful and only follow the best trading blogs.

More recently we also wrote about our favorite cryptocurrency trading blogs and made a top 10 rank of the best cryptocurrency bloggers that you can find it HERE.

We created this rank having in mind the goal to put together a single resource of the best blogs for serious traders. There are only a handful of trading blogs that really provide valuable trading tips, so it’s important not to waste time in the dark parts of the internet.

Our team at TSG has researched through countless trading websites and removed those trading websites that are not suitable or good enough, so you only have the best trading blog list.

Nowadays trading has become bigger and bigger, especially with the rise of cryptocurrency which added a brand-new category of traders. For us is super important that our best trading blog list only includes trading blogs that are periodically updated with quality content, actionable trading strategies and trading blogs that are dedicated to creating a community where traders are helped no matter of their level of trading experience.

In no particular order, below you’ll find our top 10 trading blogs of 2018 from where you can gain a wealth of knowledge to improve your trading skills, learn professional trading strategies and help you become a more profitable trader:

Trading Strategy Guides

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When it comes to trading strategies, our TSG website is rich in free trading strategies that are suitable for all market conditions and any asset classes. We take pride in our work and we are committed being the best at what we do. This is the reason why we have built one of the most trusted trading communities out there.

If you want to learn trading secrets, unorthodox trading approaches and some trading tips and tricks that are only used by the pros, then you should be reading our blog, which is almost always total gold.

Our strategies are so popular that are constantly featured on the first Google page, which made us one of the world’s leading portals for trading strategies. At TSG you have all the tools you need to learn how to build your own personal trading strategy. If you struggle with reading price action or understanding certain technical indicators, which sometimes can be a bigger battle, then our blog can help you shed some light.

What makes so interesting following our TSG blog is that our dedicated team is always easy to be reached and we’re eager to hear from our reader base. Get your favorite bookmarks ready and add Trading Strategy Guides for your daily infusion of amazing trading strategies.

Ritholtz – The Big Picture

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Barry Ritholtz is a well-known figure in the trading community not just because he is a guest commentator on Bloomberg TV, but also because he runs a personal blog at The Big Picture. Berry’s blog is filled with new content multiple times a day, and there is always something very insightful to read. If you want to read real content from the institutional side of the business, Berry’s blog is the place to be.

He is a professional money manager that doesn’t shy away from sharing what goes through his mind. Now, he does share his thoughts on the financial markets and the global economy quite often, but his short writing style makes the content on point, which is reader-friendly.

His daily top 10 reads recommendation and the weekly succinct summation of last week’s risk events are his most popular content on the blog. We like about the consistency with which he updates his readers each morning on what are his top 10 reads to prepare for the trading day ahead.

If you’re serious about trading and investing The Big Picture blog deserves a place in your Bookmarks.


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Steve, the guy who runs the Paracurve Trading blog, has almost 13 years of trading experience from which 9 years is working on the institutional side of the business. His work history and professional education speak loudly about why we’ve chosen Paracurve to be on our best trading blog list.

If you like price action trading, then Steve is the man you need to follow. He has a natural gift to break the complexity of price structure in layman terms. For the novice trader, most likely, Steve’s unique trading concept will shed some light on the mechanics behind the price behavior.

Even though the blogs are of pretty good length, you won’t get bored because Steve uses plenty of price chart examples in order to highlight his trading concepts. You’ll also find plenty of trading tutorials and step-by-step guides that can help beginner traders and can be accessed for free.

Now, Steve may focus on Forex trading, but his teachings and his trade principles are universally valid in all markets because the price is a reflection of human behavior and human behavior doesn’t change. Steve doesn’t blog that often so you’ll only need to check Paracurve Trading once in a while.

Learn to Trade for Profit

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Crawford is a healthy mix of half investment advisor blogger, half independent trader blogger, with a good mix of everything else thrown into the middle. What we love about Crawford’s blog is that he doesn’t shy away from covering in great details all the facets of trading.

A favorite post we like to read on Learn to Trade for Profit is Futures Trading Guide, which in our humble opinion is the ultimate beginners’ guide to futures trading. Actually, everything you find posted on the Learn to Trade for Profit blog is very informative, and Crawford tends to go deeper into the basic stuff than most bloggers out there.

We also find a tone of knowledge from his free PDF trading strategies which have been incredibly helpful over time to cement some trading concepts in our minds. We appreciate about J. Crawford that he is a self-taught trader who has a passion for trading and training others for free on how to bring their game to the next level.

Make sure you make the Learn to Trade for Profit blog your weekly destination for great insights into the world of trading and more.

Finance and Markets

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If you want exclusive market commentary and news content and everything in between than Finance and Markets should be your number one destination on the internet. What we really appreciate about this trading blog is that you can learn everything you need to know about managing your personal finance and you can also learn how to invest on a bigger level.

The favorite section of the Finance and Markets blog is the Cashflow Hacking Podcast hosted by none other than, our man, Casey Stubbs. Casey’s mission is to educate and inform others about how to increase their cash flow and start living a life of true financial abundance. His guests are entrepreneurs with real-life experience that don’t shy away from sharing their secrets on how they earn money.

The Finance and Markets blog can help you gain so much more insight and experience to manage not just your trading activities but also everything related to your personal finances. Like everything else on this website, the educational section of the blog is also free which is why we’ve included this website in our best trading blog list.

New Trader U

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Joseph Burns the founder of New Trader U is an independent trader and writer that has a big following on social media. He is well known for his daily dose of smart trading quotes that he shares on his Twitter page. We can note the same consistency through his blog posts where no day goes by without Joseph to write one blog post either about some educational topic or to share his technical insights, which are mostly focused on the stock market.

Joseph is a pro-trader, and he does a great job guiding new traders on their journey. That content you’ll find on Joseph’s blog really apply to most traders no matter of their level of experience. In this sense, he doesn’t discriminate against no one.

What we love about Joseph’s blog is that his blog posts are almost always on the short side, but they are thoughtful and well written, and above all, they always inform you about the real issues about trading. Follow this blog if you want to read on a daily basis something short but insightful.

Marc to Market

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Marc Chandler is a foreign exchange market analyst that runs the Marc to Market blog. There is a plethora of rich content that is posted on a daily basis on this blog which is why this website is among the best blogs for serious traders.

If you’re a macro type of guy, who likes to dive into the latest economic trends than Chandler can provide you with unbiased analysis and high-quality insights about what drives the currency exchange rate. If you have a high curiosity and you want to know what are the macro catalysts behind the exchange rate fluctuation Marc does a really great job in breaking complicated things into something that even a novice can understand.

Marc writes a lot of practical content that can help you learn the way professional look at the macro trends that drive the markets. This can serve you as a foundation and help you formulate your own trading ideas based on the fundamental data.

Our favorite part of the blog is his weekly breakdown of the COT report where Marc highlights the most notable changes in market positioning and whether or not there are extreme bullish or bearish bets. If you’re new to macro trading, Marc to Market blog is the ideal place to start your journey.

Adam H Grimes

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Adam has 20 years of experience trading all major asset classes on different time frames from short-term scalping to very long-term trading. When it comes to the technical aspect of the price action, Adam is a master in this particular area. Through his blog, Adam teaches other traders his five most popular trading patterns that are a combination of breakouts, pullback trading, and trend trading and false breakouts.

In addition to his market teachings, he also blogs regularly about the current state of the market. Adam also takes from his time to interact with his readers, and he answers the most interesting questions in a new blog post. Usually, his answers are very long, making sure he covers everything the readers need to know about these issues.

With a strong background in technical analysis, Adam’s blogs are very in-depth, and everything he posts on his website has the primary goal in mind to inform and teach traders of all levels of experience how to read the price action correctly.

His trading tips and tricks have been very constructive over time, so make sure you add this blog in your favorite trading blogs.

Zero Hedge

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ZeroHedge is without a doubt the most popular doom and gloom preacher in the financial world blogosphere. Their worldview might seem a little bit darker than what most of us tend to perceive it, but nevertheless, they also cover real economic concerns about the state of the world’s economy and financial system stability.

The blog posts are published anonymously under the pseudonym "Tyler Durden," a character from the Fight Club movie. This anonymity makes ZeroHedge so much more exciting and intrigue. Another aspect we like about ZeroHedge is that they are a pioneer when it comes to exposing the high-frequency trading dynamics and the negative impact HF has on the markets.

While there is a lot of controversy around ZeroHedge and their purpose, they do provide and cover the news that potentially can disrupt the market volatility. If a sudden significant price fluctuation happens in the market, you will most likely find an explanation of the price behavior on ZeroHedge.

When reading ZeroHedge make sure you take everything with a grain of salt rather than believing the world is going to end. We’ve decided to include ZeroHedge into our favorite trading blog list because it has a huge following in the trading community.

Top Down Charts

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Top Down Charts is a leading source for all things macro. With a focus on macro analysis, Top Down charts provide a combination of chart driven macro insights and top trading ideas. If you’re a visual type of trader, the one who likes studying charts and interpreting the price action, then the Top Down Charts blog will satisfy your needs. Every single blog post is filled with multiple macro charts that make macro trading so much more appealing and interactive.

If you don’t know much about macro trading, but you want to dive into this new world, this macro trading blog is the perfect place to get your macro trading foundation. They have a natural gift to make complex things look so much easier and accessible to the novice trader.

On the Top Down Charts blog, you’ll find dailies macro analysis posts that will prepare you for the trading day ahead. Traders should also pay a special attention to the weekly macro themes, which is a brief preview of what to expect from the market for the week ahead.

Conclusion - Best Trading Blog List

Congratulation to every website that has made it in our top 10 trading blogs. We’re very thankful to have this opportunity to share with you our best trading blog list. We also hope these trading blogs will shape your trading in unheard ways.

The learning curve never stops, especially if you’re a trader. And since we never learn in a vacuum, we need some of the best blogs for serious traders to help us bring our game to the next level. We had in mind several high-standard criteria when picking these trading blogs, but the number one thing we look for is to find one particular thing these blogs are excelling at and are the best on the internet.

Some trading blogs are only good at building trading strategies, and some have a natural gift to teach people how to trade, other are leading providers in trading news content while others are better at macro analysis. All that matter is that no matter of the field of expertise, these trading blogs will add value to your trading.

Our trading blog list is a good place to start boosting your trading IQ.

If you know some other trading blogs that are worth mentioning, but didn’t make it into our best trading blog list, please share it with us and if they are good enough, we’re going to include them into our top 10 trading blogs in 2019.

Thank you for reading!

Also, please give this strategy a 5 star if you enjoyed it!


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