Top 10 Forex blogs

Top 10 Forex blogs

It’s the time for my daily update on my top 10 Forex blogs, which I have been maintaining for several years. The most important point of my list for the best Forex trading blogs is the usability of the blog and the response rate of the owner.

Most Forex bloggers, are not true bloggers because they are either traders or marketers so their blogs can be a bit boring with very little interaction. A blogger is someone that talks to people and builds a community, just like the incredible community here at Trading Strategy Guides, which I am so thankful for.

When I am learning I want to talk to a real person. If I can contact someone and they write back that is a huge bonus and I might actually go back to there if the information is good. So that brings me to my next point and that is technical analysis if the analysis is good then I will go back.

Standards For Making the Cut:

My standards for the inclusion in the voting are including a site that has solid technical and fundamental analysis which is updated on a regular basis. In addition to that they must have an educational element that makes them valuable to Forex Traders.

Without further ado, these are the best Forex trading blogs on the Internet which you can vote for:

Forex Crunch

Top 10 Forex blogs

Yohay is the owner and he always answers the comments and the emails and he is posting articles every day and has done so for years. Forex Crunch is one of the top sources on Forex Trading, he covers Forex news events as well as technical analysis. The news is prompt and the analysis is reliable with teaching built into it.

With many Forex news throughout the day, traders frequently use Forex Crunch as a source for technical analysis of the most recent price action and as a source for opinions on the latest financial news.

With a degree in Computer Science, Yohay brings a special touch when it comes to providing technical analysis on the FX trends. But he also manages to incorporate fundamental analysis on his market commentary, which can give you a broader view of what’s happening in the markets.

The weekly forecasts is the most comprehensive analysis for the week ahead and in our humble opinion is the most valuable tool on the Forex Crunch website. The weekly forecast will outline not just the key support and resistance levels for the major currency pair, but it will also highlight the main risk events that can drive the volatility higher. You have all it takes in one place to be prepared for the new trading week.

Forex 4 Noobs

best forex trading blogs

Nick B runs the Forex 4 Noobs website and Nick doesn’t play around, he speaks the truth and that is very appealing to me. His trading is top notch and Nick is real Forex trader. He has assembled a large quantity of articles and education and overall I recommend for anyone to go over there and check them out.  Nick also puts out weekly technical analysis that assists traders in their weekly trading.

As the name of the web site suggests, Forex 4 noobs is tailored to provide basic Forex education for the novice trader. His free basic Forex trading guide will help you comprehend the basic Forex terms and how to get started trading.

Nick B’s trading style is all about price action and support and resistance levels. In other words, Nick’s preferred trading style is naked trading. However the best trading feature you can find on Forex 4 noobs are the free Forex analysis videos which outline potential trade setups that you can also take. Nick has created one of the best forex analysis sites out there.

Trading Strategy Guides

best forex trading blogs

Casey Stubbs the owner and founder of Trading Strategy Guides have managed to build one of the largest trading communities of active traders. Casey is a computer geek that has started learning about Forex trading while serving in the United States Army, which instilled in him the right mindset and discipline required for successful trading. With such work ethics it didn’t took Casey too long to become a profitable trader. Also read The Benefits and Danger of Online Forex Trading.

The team behind Trading Strategy Guides has more than +50 years of combined trading experience. The rich diversity of trading styles and different levels of experience has made it possible for the TSG website to become an authority in providing trading strategies not just for the Forex traders but also for stock traders, commodity traders and cryptocurrency traders.

The team at TSG has gathered together a large collection of trading strategies that are suitable for all types of trading styles. While you can find trading strategies for every asset class, TSG website has a distinct focus on providing top notch trading strategies for Forex traders and cryptocurrency traders.

Trading Strategy Guides is among the best Forex trading blogs period!

Finance Magnates

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Michael Greenberg is the head guy at Finance Magnates and he writes about the Forex Industry, regulations, brokers and other items that are going on in the industry. If it is happening in Forex then Michael knows about it. Also read Everything you need to know about brokers.

He is available to answer questions and as I have been reading his blog, I have not found anyone else to write valuable information about the industry like Michael. I recommend that you follow this blog so that you can stay on top of what is going on in Forex.

Finance Magnates deserve to make the cut into our top 10 Forex blogs because it serves the trading community by providing lots of valuable information about the new regulations that will govern the Forex market.

If you’re interested in learning more about your preferred broker and what goes around at the executive level than Finance Magnates can supply this information to you as well. If the CEO of your preferred broker resigns or if your broker gets into financial problems you’re most likely to hear it first on Finance Magnates. This is one of the reasons why Finance Magnates made the cut to our best forex websites.

Baby Pips

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Baby Pips is a great Forex website because they put out educational material and they have great personalities and make reading blogs not quite so boring. They are also on target with their analysis as well as covering a wide range of information from, news, to technical analysis to fundamental data. Baby Pips is a great source for Forex traders to learn and be profitable.

The forex school has a large source of free education that traders go back to time and again.

Baby Pips made the cut into our best forex websites because of their beginner’s guide to Forex trading which is so much appreciated in the trading community and it’s the number one source recommended when it comes to learning the basic stuff about Forex.

You can also have lots of fun spent on the Baby Pips forum which is among the biggest trading forums out there and among the most popular forex forum.

2nd Skies Forex

most popular forex forum

Chris Capre has been blogging since 2009 and has amassed a large amount of trading information that traders can use to improve their trading. Chris has an eccentric personality and background and it’s not your typical trader. He is a knowledge and smart guy having studied Neuroscience and Eastern Philosophy.

On top of that he is also a Buddhist and a yoga teacher, which we believe are his main strengths because his spiritualism practices have helped him to gain more insights into the trading psychology that it’s so needed to become a successful trader. His teachings on market psychology and the trader psychology are written in such a plain language that can completely change the view you see yourself.

Chris is a great help when it comes to help other in correcting the mental trading errors that so many traders are prone to do. If you use Chris’ teachings and techniques on psychology you can improve your brain power and ultimately you can become the disciplined trader that can stick to his trading plan no matter what.

He focuses on price action strategies and helping traders. If you have not seen his site, click the link and check it out.

Learn to Trade the Market

Top 10 Forex blogs

Nial Fuller teaches price action techniques and also trading psychology that gives a great deal of Forex education. He has over 16 years of experience trading the financial markets and his experience can be seen all over his writings. Nial also claims he won the Million Dollar Trader Competition after realizing an outstanding 369% return in only 3 months period.

Nial is also putting in a great deal of time to provide positive trading guidance that can help you become more successful. The bottom line is that you’ll not waste your time reading through his honest and informative articles.

The thing we like about Nial’s trading approach is his simplicity. He uses very sound trading concepts and principles. His trading style can be summarized like this: trade simple chart patterns, adding confluence with key support and resistance levels. His trade forecast is proven to be very accurate, which means that his trading style works.

On top of that, he also provides an in-depth video analysis, which goes one step further in explaining the price action and outlining the key support and resistance levels of the major currency pairs.

Finance and Markets

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Finance and Markets goes beyond being a simple Forex website, it’s a multi asset class website that is tailored to suit all your financial needs. Casey Stubbs the man behind Trading Strategy Guides is also the founder of the Finance and Markets website. This only shows that Casey is versatile and knowledgeable guy that can teach you not just how to trade Forex profitable but also how to properly manage your finances.

The reason why Finance and Markets is in our best Forex website list is because the News section covers the most important risk events that have the potential to disrupt the financial system stability.

By far the most important feature of the Finance and Markets website is the Cashflow Hacking Podcast which can help you increase your cash flow and start living a life of true financial abundance. If you learn how to manage your own personal finances, it will become much easier for you to understand the risk that goes into trading the Forex market.

Follow this bog if you want to get the latest news events and trading secrets that can turn your trading around.

Trading with Rayner

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Rayner Teo the man behind Trading with Rayner, is a former prop trader, currently an independent trader that constantly shares from his experience through his blog posts. He is a very honest guy and you won’t get any hype or fluff from him, but only the honest truth.

On Trading with Rayner website you’ll find lots of practical trading strategies, but he is more focused on trend following strategies as this is his main trading style. Teo is a top source of knowledge when it comes to providing help to newbies and helping more experience traders to become a better version of themselves.

The Weekly Market Analysis report is the most informative feature of the Trading with Rayner website because they also come in video format which is always more convenient and practical way of analyzing the markets because you can outline your market forecasts much clear.

If you have the time we encourage you to go through the blog history as you’ll find a plethora of good and valuable information about Forex trading.

Learn to Trade for Profit

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Crawford the founder of Learn to Trade for Profit website, as the name of the blog suggests is trying to teach you how to make profitable trades. He doesn’t have any Forex course to sell, but he does share lots of valuable information and Forex content that can help you achieve your financial goals.

He has a very easy writing style that you can follow along and learn from his trading experience. J. Crawford believes in diversification and multiple streams of income which is the reason why throughout his blog he covers different asset classes from Forex, Options, Stocks, Futures and Cryptocurrencies.

On top of that the Learn to Trade for Profit website will provide you lots of tricks and advices on how to manage your own personal wealth and how to develop good personal finance habits too. If you read throughout the blog you’ll also find instruction on how to keep your debt under control and reduce your debt burden. If you’re worried about your retirement you will also find some practical advice on how to wisely manage your retirement savings.

All of the Forex trading strategies that you’ll find on Learn to Trade for Profit will give you a very comprehensive guide on how to use them so there won’t be any confusion left. And, that’s the reason why Learn to Trade for Profit has made the cut into our top 10 Forex blogs.

That is the end of my best forex websites!

Conclusion - Best Forex Trading Blogs

We’re obviously biased for mentioning Trading Strategy Guides in our best forex trading blogs, but due to the popularity of our blogs and the fact that we’re constantly ranked on the 1st page of Google and many times being the number one result when it comes to trading strategies it speaks for itself why we’ve chosen to mention TSG in the top 10 Forex blogs.

If you think Trading Strategy Guides deserves to be in the list somewhere you can make that decision for yourself. Now, I am coming to you, my friends, which read this blog. I need information regarding the other great blogs out there that I may have missed. Please don’t just list the name but tell me why it is great and give a detailed description. Here is how to apply technical analysis step by step.

I want to know what makes this blog great because if it is great I will update this list and I will become a follower of a new blog. Also, I want to give some encouragement out there to anyone that knows how to trade and is thinking of starting a Forex Blog of their own. Creating an incredible trading community Forex blog is not easy, but for those that have the passion it can be done. So, if you have questions I would be willing to help train anyone and give guidance on how to create a blog.

Thank you for reading!

Also, please give this strategy a 5 star if you enjoyed it!