Top 10 cryptocurrency blogs

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Blogs – Only Le Crème de la Crème

In this article we’re going to share with you the top 10 cryptocurrency blogs and resources for trading Bitcoin and alt coins. We have chosen only the top cryptocurrency bloggers that can teach you practical skills to thrive in the cryptocurrency market. Trading cryptocurrencies has become the new hobby for many of our TSG readers.

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Certain blogs and some of the top cryptocurrency bloggers can have a tremendous influence on Bitcoin price and generally on the whole cryptocurrency market. The news that comes out from some of the most trusted cryptocurrency blogs can cause big price movements, so it’s extremely important to follow only those blogs that can add value to your trading.

The best cryptocurrency news websites you should follow in 2018 need to be highly trusted and they should provide you with reliable content and updates on the most popular cryptocurrencies. We had to dig a little deeper and conducted some extensive research about each of these blogs because we wanted to make sure they meet our high standards.

The cryptocurrency blogs we’ve chosen to be part of our list are slightly different, because we wanted to make sure each crypto blog is unique and brings something new to the table. It’s the small differences that make each cryptocurrency blog unique. A cryptocurrency blog can help you learn more about the blockchain technology and how all these coin work so you can make a better investment decision.

One of the most common questions that we get is what are the best cryptocurrency news websites that we can trust. So, without further ado, this is our collection of trusted crypto blogs and top 10 cryptocurrency blogs on the Internet which we recommend:

Coin Desk

Top 10 cryptocurrency blogs

Coin Desk is the number one source of news for the cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology community. With more than 10 million visitors, Coin Desk has established itself as the biggest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news portals on the internet. The Coin Desk writers and top cryptocurrency bloggers have proven to have the same level of high professionalism that you can only find on mainstream media companies like Bloomberg, WSJ or Reuters.

Coin Desk is not just a professional source of news, but they also have a dedicated section where they teach you the basics Blockchain 101. However, their education section is only limited to teaching you all you need to know about Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain technology.

If you’re looking to always be in the known about the most recent Bitcoin events and conferences unfolding around the world you’ll likely hear it from them first.

The one thing Coin Desk does well is keeping you up to date with the latest news, which is the reason why you need to bookmark this website and visit it for your daily dose of cryptocurrency news. The cryptocurrency market is highly sensitive to news, so make sure you aren’t missing the opportunity to be in the known.

Trading Strategy Guides

best cryptocurrency news websites

Trading strategy guides is your number one source of cryptocurrency strategies. We have a dedicated cryptocurrency strategy for the most important coins in the top 100 cryptocurrencies. Our cryptocurrency trading strategies have the appreciation of the entire cryptocurrency community. Don’t take our word for granted because Google is siding with us. The number one Bitcoin trading strategy displayed in Google's search results is our in-depth trading guide.

Our team at Trading Strategy Guides is not about the talking but we will walk you the walk. The TSG team will hold your hand and give you a step-by-step guide on how to make money trading cryptocurrencies. Each cryptocurrency strategy is filled with plenty of insightful charts so there is no doubt of the things you need to follow when using our money making cryptocurrency strategies.

Our team is dedicated and committed to help other traders achieve their goals. If you have questions related to trading or if something is unclear about our cryptocurrency strategies someone from our team will always be ready to talk with you. Casey the founder of TSG would love hearing from people who need help. So, please feel free to get in touch with us!

If you want to get trained and learn new cryptocurrency strategies from a premier source of information then visit Trading Strategy Guides every week to get your dose of trading tips

Coin Telegraph

top cryptocurrency bloggers

Coin Telegraph is a pioneer in the cryptocurrency blogosphere as they were among the first blogs to cover the most relevant news on cryptocurrencies. Coin Telegraph is not just a source for cryptocurrency news, but it’s also a good source for learning everything you need to know to get started in this business. They have a dedicated learning page where they explain in great depth all the terms that one needs to know before starting trading Bitcoin.

What makes Coin Telegraph unique is the fact that they always keep an eye on the latest ICOs. They have a dedicated “ICO calendar” section where you can follow the hottest ICO’s of current projects. In the end this can help you compare all the different ICOs and evaluate if it’s worth investing in them or not.

The heat map is also extremely useful because it gives you a quick glance of the entire cryptocurrency performance for the day. You can see who are the big mover and shaker of the day in a very interactive format.

Last but not least we’ve chosen Coin Telegraph because, on top of everything else, they also have a dedicated section for weekly price analysis. They only cover the top coins so you won’t waste any time with them.

Learn to Trade for Profit

Top 10 cryptocurrency blogs

Crawford a veteran self taught trader has a noble purpose to teach traders around the world how to trade profitable. He doesn’t focus only on cryptocurrencies, but he covers all asset classes because his trading strategies and trading tips work across all markets.

Learn to Trade for Profit blog dives right into the most important topics that really matter the most for the majority of cryptocurrency traders. This is very evident from the main content headings which grabs your attention right from the start.

If we look at the most popular blog posts, traders read blog posts about cryptocurrency the most. The cryptocurrency market is a very popular topic now days and the fast pace of development in the blockchain technology means that you always need to be on the lookout for the next big thing.

Among other things we like the fact that J. Crawford is staying truthful to his own trading method as he only focuses on teaching people his top 3 price action signals.

If you want to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies and solid trading advices and basically anything in between, then you should be reading Learn to Trade for Profit blog.

Crypto Coins News also known as CNN

best cryptocurrency news websites

Crypto Coins News is also known as CCN, not to be confused with fake news CNN :), is another awesome resource for cryptocurrencies news and blockchain information. CCN is among top 3 most visited blogs when it comes to Bitcoin and alt coin news.

CCN has the typically business-like look and it’s easy to navigate through the content. Be prepared to be “bombarded” with high quality news content, particularly focused on Bitcoin and the blockchain technology. The cryptocurrency fanatics and the digital anarchists will also be glad for the regular market forecasts and predictions that are in-depth written.

We like about Crypto Coins News the fact that they always bring blockchain experts to write on their blog so you can almost be certain that you’re getting something valuable that you won’t be able to easily find anywhere else.

Another thing that strikes us about CCN is their very informative ICO calendar that will keep an eye for you on the latest projects in the crypto world. If this is something appealing to you, make sure you visit CCN to take your daily dose of crypto news.

Finance and Markets

cryptocurrencies blog

Finance and Markets website is a multi-assets news stream website that covers all the big news events that have the potential to affect any market on the face of planet earth. With the Finance and Markets blog you get the typical business-like look of the more established blogs so you know they mean serious business.

In contrast to many other cryptocurrency news websites Finance and Markets try to only bring you the most relevant news from the cryptocurrency market. In this regard, their crypto news section is only updated a few times a week.

Apart from the news section and the education portal, Finance and Markets also run the Cashflow Hacking Podcast hosted by market guru Casey Stubbs. The podcast will often bring cryptocurrency experts that will share secrets from within the crypto industry.

There is a lot to like about Finance and Markets website, especially if you want to hear some real truth about the cryptocurrency market and not just the same old stuff that it’s being regurgitated through the cryptocurrency community.

Vitalik Buterin

best bitcoin blog

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin is always a great source of information. He will often share his insights on cryptocurrencies and will speak about the big challenges that the blockchain technology faces ahead. Now, Vitalik has an interesting mix of nationalities being a Russian-Canadian programmer who is known for developing the second most successful cryptocurrency.

Probably Vitalik’s main audience is the more versed cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have a grasp of the jargon used in the cryptocurrency community. Nevertheless, Vitalik’s opinions about the current developments in the blockchain world do matter and you’re probably going to learn one or few things about what goes in the mind of a very successful coin developer.

He doesn’t blog every day or every week, he only writes when he feels there is a need his views need to be put in front of the public. This is the thing that we like about Vitalik’s blog!

If he smells a cryptocurrency scam he doesn’t shy away, quite contrary, he will speak up his mind and tell his audience to avoid those coins. Just for this thing alone, we believe Vitalik is a top cryptocurrency blogger.


cryptocurrency trading blogs

Roger Ver the CEO of is an early investor in Bitcoin and he is a strong promoter of bitcoin adoption by the masses. The news section of the website is filled with critical news that covers just about anything that happens in the cryptocurrency market.

While it may have started as a premier source of information just for Bitcoin believers, you won’t be missing any news in the digital currency world if you follow

In addition to the news section, the website is also filled with plenty of educational material that will help you better understand the blockchain technology. We like the convenience of having everything you need to understand bitcoin in the same platform. Unlike other Bitcoin news websites, at you have a big forum community where you can interact with fellow crypto enthusiasts.

Roger Ver has without a doubt build one of the best cryptocurrency news websites so make sure you read the content they provide if you want to stay on top of your game.This is probably the best bitcoin blog out there.

Bitcoin Magazine

best crypto blogs

Bitcoin Magazine is a dedicated news stream that has a heavy focus on Bitcoin and blockchain technology. If you believe only in bitcoin and want a clean news stream that is focused entirely on Bitcoin news then Bitcoin Magazine is the blog you want to follow. This is a positive thing because you won’t be clogged with unnecessary news that doesn’t matter to you. Don’t get it wrong, but from time to time and only occasionally you’ll also find other coins being mentioned.

Additionally, you’ll also find a very useful cryptocurrency guide and is the perfect place to hit the ground running if you want to expand your education on blockchain technology. The cryptocurrency guide doesn’t discriminate against anyone and has plenty of content for the more experienced Bitcoin users as well.

Now, the level of engagement with the users is quite low since they don’t offer a comment section, but after all they are a news organization and we can’t blame them for that. Make sure you follow Bitcoin Magazine if you want to see what the top Bitcoin news is.

News BTC

top blockchain blogs

News BTC is among our top cryptocurrency bloggers because they have a dedicated section on their website where they provide exclusively technical analysis for Bitcoin and alt coins. You can almost be guaranteed that you’ll be getting something valuable from these technical analyses. Every analysis is accompanied with a chart and the most important technical levels are always highlighted. It’s very obvious from these blogs that they spend quite some time in researching and studying these coins.

Another thing that we like about News BTC is the fact that their news section is split into categories. If you want to follow only news about alt coins or just news about blockchain projects you can do just that.

If you’re new to the whole crypto world, then News BTC is the right place to be because their content is dedicated to be understood by the ordinary people. This cryptocurrency blog won’t disappoint you so make sure you bookmark this website.

Conclusion – Top Cryptocurrency Bloggers

Our team at Trading Strategy Guides is made up of top cryptocurrency bloggers that are very versatile when it comes to the different aspects of technical analysis and building cryptocurrency strategies that are backtested. We’re not biased for mentioning TSG in our top 10 cryptocurrency blogs because we have gained the trust of the crypto community with our high quality cryptocurrency strategies.

No matter if you’re a newbie or a more experienced on blockchain matters; you still need to use different sources of information to stay on top of your game. This is especially true in the crypto world were so many scams happens.

It’s very hard to find one source of information that will supply all your needs in terms of trading cryptocurrencies. So, in order to have a comprehensive view of what happens in the crypto industry, you’ll need multiple-sources of information. All the recommended stock blogs are free!

If you’re into trading stocks, please check out our top 10 Stocks blogs that you need to follow HERE.

Please share with us what are your Top 10 cryptocurrency blogs or sites by leaving your comments below.

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