Forex Trading Plan Unlocked: Zero to $1 Million in 15 Months

This article is a step-by-step guide on going from  Zero to $1 million trading in 15 months with a Forex Trading Plan.  This is going to be a challenge but it can be done and we are going to show you how.

This is not a high-risk effort, in fact, we will always have a stop loss and always be focusing on risk management first. If we do not focus on risk, there is no way we can accomplish this.

In order for us to accomplish this, we are going to need a Forex trading plan that will help us go from zero to 1 million trading.

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The Forex Trading plan for beginners will need to be simple and easy to follow. You will need the discipline to follow this plan.

Introduction: Go From Zero to $1 Million With A Forex Trading Plan

In this article, we’ll present a detailed Forex trading plan that covers all the essential elements you need to succeed. These include:

  1. Selecting a reliable Forex broker
  2. Developing a robust trading strategy
  3. Effective money management techniques to rapidly grow your account
  4. Maintaining a journal to monitor and track your progress

Read on to discover how you can achieve your Forex trading plan goals.

Deposit Initial Investment Into Broker

To start trading in the currency markets, one must have some initial funds to stake. Find $50 and deposit it into a broker account. This is the first necessary step toward trading currency markets. It’s important to lay some groundwork and have some capital to begin with. This initial deposit is a crucial step in the process of beginning to trade in the currency markets.

By taking paid surveys online, every day for a month, making about a whopping one dollar a day for what often took several hours of work a day.  It’s not a good way to make money, but if you have absolutely nothing, it IS a way to make money.  So, I’ve raised a starting stake of about $50. We would never recommend that anyone start forex trading with anything less than at least $50 to start. The ideal starting balance is $500 but $50 is the minimum that we would recommend.

Okay, we’re going to make a million dollars (or more).
We’re going to do it in 15 months (or less).
And we’re going to start with virtually nothing ($50).

Trading Strategy for your Forex Trading Plan

How are we going to accomplish this? We’re going to be focused on entries and risk to achieve our goal, we’re going to need to multiply our trading capital quickly and consistently. Specifically, the plan is to utilize a trading strategy that is simple, yet profitable. Trading will focus primarily on a 15-minute chart.

Utilizing a Profitable Trading Strategy

Check out this article on Forex trading for beginners as well! One great thing to remember is to use support and resistance levels. This will help you stay out of bad trades and increase your winning percentage which is always important when growing an account, especially if you are following our million-dollar trading plan.

Start out with a basic strategy with a high win rate. You can start researching strategies by reading the best strategy to make a living. You’ll also want to look at multiple time-frame analyses. to get the most accurate entries and exits.

Use of Support and Resistance Levels

The key to doing this will be discipline, discipline, and more discipline. Trying to make a million dollars in 15 months necessarily means taking some risks. However, I will stick with the basic trading strategy I have in mind. Actually, I have two strategies in mind, but the second one is designed for trading the 4-hour time frame, and we’ll need to increase our trading stake a bit before we can move up to trading that time frame.

Discipline is Key

So, do I really believe this is possible?  Well, sure, it’s possible. My personal guess is that we’ll come up a bit short, but so what if we only make $500,000, or even just $100,000? – That’s still a pretty nice paycheck for 15 months of work, right?  But for the moment, let’s just stick with our goal of at least millionaire status.

Is a Million Dollar Profit Possible?

I sincerely hope with all my heart that we do succeed.  I hope for success not just for my sake (I could use a quick million – to pay a few bills), but for your sake, too, for all of you reading this and coming along on this journey with me.  I want us all to succeed – to find a pathway that leads to financial salvation in this economy that’s crumbling beneath our feet, where jobs and job security are more and more difficult to come by. I believe that forex trading offers financial salvation.  It is, in my not-so-humble opinion, the last road to riches for the “regular guy” (or girl).

Forex Trading as a Path to Financial Salvation

Okay, now I’m only going to attempt this if YOU are truly interested in it – so please take just a minute or two to comment below and let me know your thoughts on this.  If it’s something that YOU are sincerely interested in watching and following, then I’m certainly willing to give it a try (as noted previously, I’m a little bit crazy). 

Sounds like fun to me, but what do you think?  I’ll wait for your comments, but in the meantime, I’ll go ahead and be working on setting up the account and finalizing the trading strategy.

If I’m encouraged to proceed by your comments, then I’ll report back here in just a week or two with all the initial information you’ll need to follow along to learn

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Million Dollar Trading Plan Money Management Strategy:

If you want to take a trading account from zero to one million, you need to have a money management strategy to get you there. Here is one that will serve you well.

Money Management Strategy to Reach $1 Million

Starting with a $50 account and just one “micro,” our goal is to make 1 million dollars in 15 months. Yes, 500 pips a month is fast growth, but we are going for a million dollars trading very quickly; this isn’t going to be easy.

Making 500 Pips per Month: Goal for Fast Growth

Let me break it down to make it not seem as intimidating. For this example, we are going to work at making 500 pips per month. That is 125 pips per week, which is just 25 pips per day.

Breaking Down the Goal into Manageable Steps

Let’s keep breaking down how we can do this. 25 pips a day could be done with 2 trades at 12.5 each or just one trade at 25.

Strategies to Achieve 25 Pips Per Day

If we do one trade a day at 25 each, that makes it a little bit easier. However, let’s not forget losing trades. If you have a 25-pip stop loss and win one trade and lose one trade, you are at 0 pips.

Dealing with Losing Trades

If you lose your first trade, you need to win your next two to end up with 25 pips in net profit. Not always an easy task. Just remember though sometimes you can win the entire 125 pips in just one week. There are many ways to do this; just try to stay on task and focus on 125 pips a week with 2 per day being a good guide.

Staying on Track to Achieve 125 Pips Per Week

In the following image, I break down a great way to increase your account without using excessive risk. Using this continuous pattern, ALWAYS target just 500 pips each month.

A Great Way to Increase Your Account Without Using Excessive Risk

With this Forex trading plan, you can turn your $50 account into $1 million in just 15 months. It won’t be easy, but with a solid money management strategy and focus on making 125 pips per week, you can achieve your goals. Remember, stay on task, and don’t lose sight of your end goal.

Forex Trading Plan

Some weeks, with our Forex Trading Plan, we may make much more, others less but on AVERAGE 500 pips a month and increasing the size we should eventually get UP.

Now, I will assume that there has been some “Plateau” effect. And that you had a few weeks scattered here and there where you did NOT make it UP to the next level.

Maybe have a month where we make less than 500 pips. We just adjust and move on. Keep on seeking the target of going from zero to 1 million.

Let’s carry it even further and say that you’re just getting uncomfortable going above the 2 lots.

Let us say that it took you 26 weeks to slowly move up a mini lot at a time and now you are trading 2 full lots and that is enough for you. Let’s say you decide to NEVER go above this level and you’re simply going to trade 2 lots forever.

Weeks 26 through 50.…. We add in 24 more weeks and we CAP your earnings at $8k a week for the rest of the year.

24 weeks x $8,000 = $192K MORE.  We add this to the $94,200 and come up with a total of  $286,200.Can you do this?

Can you believe this?

Is it really hard to make 125 pips a week? And 50 on a slow week?

What’s amazing is you can target 125 pips doing just one trade a week. That would be the way to do this. The following image below is a trade of 125 pips using just one trade.

One Million Dollars Trading One trade per week of 125 pips would do the trick.

If this is something you cannot believe in. CHOOSE a number you can believe in. CHOOSE a way to “Move up the ladder” according to YOUR rules.

Slow. Sure. Steady. Keep it going.  Make a plan and stick to your trading plan.

Make sure you keep track of this each week using a trading journal.

Conclusion — Forex Trading Plan

In conclusion, the journey from zero to one million dollars in trading is not an easy one, but it is definitely achievable. Success in trading requires a solid understanding of the market, a well-crafted Forex trading plan, and the ability to manage risk effectively.

By following the steps outlined in this article, traders can build a strong foundation for their trading career and work their way toward their financial goals. The key is to stay disciplined, stay patient, and keep learning and adapting to the ever-changing market conditions. With dedication and hard work, anyone can turn their trading dreams into a reality.

In the next post, I outline my million-dollar strategy.

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  1. I am hoping this post is a complete parody of the flood of SPAM that comes through my inbox on a daily basis, but if so, you need to refine your writing style to make it more obvious, because I’m having a hard time telling for sure. (Or maybe I just need to loosen up a little bit.)
    And if not, and you’re actually serious, then I’m curious as to how you got a post here, since the theme of your post is the complete antithesis of everything Winners Edge Trading has been teaching.

  2. I am hoping this post is a complete parody of the flood of SPAM that comes through my inbox on a daily basis, but if so, you need to refine your writing style to make it more obvious, because I’m having a hard time telling for sure. (Or maybe I just need to loosen up a little bit.)
    And if not, and you’re actually serious, then I’m curious as to how you got a post here, since the theme of your post is the complete antithesis of everything Winners Edge Trading has been teaching.

    • Dave,
      Thanks for jumping in here. Actually yes we do teach safe and sound trading principles in forex and we truly believe in them. However, we also believe that diversification is important and that traders should have low risk accounts as well as high risk. With that being said it is possible to transfer funds made in high risk account to a low risk account. Just remember as Jack states he is conducting an experiment with low starting capital.
      Experiments in trading are also extremely important as long as you have your testing methods setup in advance.

      • This is very interesting & I believe its possible to achieve the results you speak of. I would love the opportunity to share the risk/profits somehow & I’m sure other trades would too.

        • Sihle – Thanks for the encouragement, and it IS possible – it’s just a question of whether I happen to be able to do it in the time frame noted. Any event, we should all learn some helpful trading lessons along the way.

    • Dave – I hate to break this to you but…it’s not a joke (although I can certainly see how you might have thought that).

  3. I am hoping this post is a complete parody of the flood of SPAM that comes through my inbox on a daily basis, but if so, you need to refine your writing style to make it more obvious, because I’m having a hard time telling for sure. (Or maybe I just need to loosen up a little bit.)
    And if not, and you’re actually serious, then I’m curious as to how you got a post here, since the theme of your post is the complete antithesis of everything Winners Edge Trading has been teaching.

    • Steven, We haven’t started yet if you notice in the article we say that we will only attempt this if people are interested in following along. Once we get confirmation we will get a myfxbook account as well as sharing the strategy that Jack will be using. So I take it your interested?

    • Steven – Watch for an update here in the coming days – As I noted in the article, I wanted to see if there was genuine interest before going to the trouble to set everything up.

  4. I am so glad you touched upon this for 1 main reason: Americans, and everyone else for that matter, need to take personal responsibility for their own financial well being. Period. NOT reliance on government, but reliance on financial astuteness and thus investing. Ideally, I wish you had a simple system of indicators or proprietary software that would indicate where to get in and when to get out. I wouldn’t mind doing the trades live with you if you held them on a Google hangout, and alerted us via text messages when you’re actually going to be trading. However, I’d need to get set up with an account and actually learn how to place a trade too, But if I had that info, I’d like to trade along with you, learning as I go, and scaling up the profits. I don’t know why the creators of forex programs don’t just offer a service like that if they don’t offer mirror trading software. I really like your idea, especially that you’re starting small and hope to snowball it relatively quickly, which is something I think many people will appreciate.

    • Timmy,
      Thanks for the comment, Actually your comment about making trading simple. That is truly what Winners Edge Trading is all about, so please hang out and enjoy the articles. If you ever need any help, we are just a question away via comment or email.
      P.S. We are releasing our simple trading dashboard in the next month or so.

    • Timmy – Totally agree with you (obviously) on the need for people to take personal responsibility for their financial well being.
      I’m embarrassed to confess my ignorance of social media operations, but if you’d tell me HOW to set up that Google+ hangout thing, I might consider doing it. (Just email me through here at and Casey will get it to me – thanks)

      • LOL! Jack- I AM NOT laughing AT you! Please don’t be insulted, it’s just that I seem to have put myself in a bad position ! I’ve kept my eyes out for different ways to make money online, and sometimes the demonstration/pitch is in the form of a video, sometimes a webinar, and most recently, many marketers have also been using Google+ Hangouts. Although I’ve signed up to watch some of these and actually attended by clicking the link to attend, I have NO idea how they’re set up or conducted, LOL ! And if i could put you in touch with someone who knows how it’s done and can explain it to you, I surely will. I guess I assumed that most people who have digital products and services knew how to do such things, or had staff that were technical and could set it up. Lemme see if I can find someone to reply to your request instead of just hoping you’ll be able to figure it out off of some YouTube video, since a live person can explain it better I’m sure !

  5. I believe this sounds like a great opportunity especially for people who don’t have alot of starting capital. I will be looking forward to hearing your next steps.

    • Thanks, Gregg – My thought is that, as long as I can manage to stumble along without completely blowing out the account, (A) there should be some valuable trading lessons learned along the way, and (B) even if we don’t make a million, we might still turn a very nice profit.

  6. Sounds like a crazy ride. Not the sensible forex way, but fun and just crazy enough to work. Feeling lucky?

  7. I am VERY interested, Jack. All I have to start with is 50.00 to 100.00, myself, so I would be interested in what strategies you use, and how you do.

  8. Hello Casey.
    WET team is growing and Jack is new member of your team?
    “0 to 1 million in 18 months” sounds like a crazy idea, especially considering WET ideology. But sometimes the craziest ideas are more successful then the common ones.
    I will definitely join this program if WET will launch it. I think for anyone it will be extremely difficult to find another opportunity to build huge capital by risking only $50-100.
    For me personally it will be huge experience and great success reaching even 10.000-20.000 from $100.

    • “For me personally it will be huge experience and great success reaching even 10.000-20.000 from $100.”
      Igor – Exactly. Good attitude. I obviously can’t guarantee success to the tune of a million dollars, but I will guarantee you that I will trade this account as if my very financial life depended on its success.

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