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This guide will highlight all the important steps you need to trade with the Strike Trader Elite Trading Strategy. The system was designed to trade quick surges of momentum with our favorite currency pairs. It also can be used with Stocks, Options, and Cryptocurrency.

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A few things to remember…

The Strike Trader Elite System is a trading strategy, not an Expert Advisor (Robot). The algorithm will not take the trades for you; you’ll be the decision maker. The main advantage is that you can skip the trades you don’t feel strongly about and only pull the trigger on the trade signals that offer a high risk to reward ratio.

Strike Trader Elite is the best trading strategy because it will handle everything for you. Like finding the signal, show you where to place your stop loss, and where to place your take profit.

Our team at Trading Strategy Guides has developed entry criteria that use a combination of many indicators and custom settings.

This makes Strike Trader Elite unique and stands out from any other standard custom indicator in the market today.

Strike Trader Elite offers many trading alerts both to your mobile phone and your trading platform. It has been developed to work on Meta Trader 4, Meta Trader 5, Ninja Trader and TradingView.

Below you will find how to get the strike trader elite system running on your MT4 platform.

Strike Trade Elite System

This guide will cover how to run the best trading strategy on the MetaTrader platform. Please follow the instructions below which will walk you through the step-by-step process to get the Strike Trader Elite System working for you.

After you downloaded and installed the strike trader elite indicator on your PC, add the indicator to your chart by dragging over the Strike Trade Elite to your charts.

strike trader elite trading strategy

We’ll show you how to set up your charts to get ready to start using this best strike trading strategy.

Our team has created four unique templates that are adjusted to work for different time frames. If you’re a short-term trader (time frame below 1h) or a scalper you should use one of the two templates:

  1. Strike Trader Elite - Small TF - dark - 30 PIP Target 15 Pip Stop Loss (2:1 RR)
  2. Strike Trader Elite -Small TF - light- 30 PIP Target 15 Pip Stop Loss (2:1 RR)

If you’re a long-term trader or a swing trader (higher TF > 1h) you should use one of the two templates:

  1. Strike Trader Elite - Large TF - dark - TP is based on ATR SL is based on ATR (2:1 RR)
  2. Strike Trader Elite - Large TF - light - TP is based on ATR SL is based on ATR (2:1 RR)

strike trader elite system

You may be wondering why there are 2 different TP and SL criteria for this strategy.

The reason is that if you are on small time frame M1, M5, M15, M30 you would want to trade with the recommended hard stop and hard TP target. This is because if you were to place a 15 pip stop when you were on an H4 time frame the trade would not have room to move. You would also most likely get stopped out immediately on many trades.

To counter that, our team got together and figured out that using the ATR on these higher time frames would make the most sense. This will show the best target areas for Swing traders or Day Traders looking to hold trades for many days at a time.

best trading strategy

The primary indicator is the Strike Trader Elite Pulse which is a hybrid momentum indicator that compares different measurements of price movements and momentum. Then this is plotted for you in a way that you can see when momentum is building and when momentum is decreasing.

The Pulse indicator has many techniques available items to access in the settings.

strike trader elite trading strategy

The most important settings are the First period and the second period. These two control the sensitivity of the indicator. We have to get x amount of momentum to the upside or downside before we would trigger the potential of a signal.

The Strike Trade Elite Push is used to measure the trade intensity. This is a trade intensity indicator. This is a more advanced and unique indicator that uses input data from uptick, downtick, and candlestick length.

strike trader elite system

You can use this indicator to help you see when momentum is really coming into the market strong either upside or downside. In other words, the Push indicator measures the intensity of the momentum bar by bar.

Let’s now see how the Strike Trader Elite System works with a live trade example.

Strike Trader Elite Trading Strategy

Once you attach one of our templates to your favorite time frame, the Trader Elite Pulse, Strike Trader Elite Push, Strike Trader Elite Scanner, and Strike Trader Elite Signals are all added to your chart.

Now you’re set to let the best trading strategy search for trades!

See below the Strike Trader Elite-Small TF-light template:

trade signal window template

Once the Scanner indicator is attached on your chart you’ll automatically be able to see if there are any trades active based on the strike trader elite trading strategy.

In our example, the strike trader indicator is currently displaying a short trade signal on EUR/JPY, on the 15-minutes time frame.

Please note that all the pairs you see on this dashboard are ALL the recommended pairs and time frame you should look at first when trading with Strike Trader Elite. In the scanner settings, you can also adjust it to show all pairs in the market watch if you wish.

As you can see below, the arrows show you what signal is now, and where the trade is at in its current state. If you hover with your mouse over a currency pair, it will show you the entry price and the stop loss and take profit orders.

ste scanner

If we switch over to the EUR/JPY chart you can see a long blue line, which is the entry price. Additionally, you also have the red line, which indicates your stop loss, which is predetermined at 15 pips away from your entry. And the green line, which indicates the take profit level, which is 30 pips away from your entry price.

strike 3.0 trading system free download

The good news about our proprietary trading indicators is that it can be used in multiple ways to generate profitable trade signals.

Moving forward, we’re going to show you a simple way you can use this simple indicator to improve the strike trader elite system.

How to use the indicator?

The main way you can use the indicator is to pay attention to the key support and resistance levels. Simply, analyze higher time frame charts and look for those instances where the intensity of trade and a pulse move starts to fade or weaken near support or resistance levels.

Once the price approaches one of your key support and resistance levels, look for changes in intensity and for divergence between that intensity and price.

elite trading system

For instance, in the example above, we have a very strong type of impulse movement on the upside. After we established a key resistance level, we can note the upside price momentum starting to dissipate. A bearish divergence setup is developing and we can look for sell signals.

This was just a small demonstration on how you can use our proprietary trading indicator. There are multiple other ways the indicator readings can help you make smarter trading decisions.

Conclusion – Best Trading Strategy

You can trade with the Strike Trader Elite Trading Strategy at a near 70% win rate. There are times where this may not be the case. This 70% win rate could be a result of you using strike trader elite signals AND using price action trading skills. Every trader is different and will get different results.

The strike trader elite system is a momentum-based strategy that relies on statistics. The good thing about our trading strategy is that we took the time to automate the whole process. However, the momentum-based indicator can be used as a standalone indicator and you can easily incorporate it in your trading strategy.

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strike trader trading

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