This is product review is about the Proact Traders Forex Charting Software, this product is designed to help struggling Forex traders to be profitable in the Forex Currency market. The Forex market is a currency trading market where there is a great opportunity to make large profits but it is a challenging market and the reality is that most traders lose money. So that is where this software comes in, the software is designed to help traders in the challenging Forex market.
In this article, I will first explain what the charting software does, then I will write the review for the software.


The Forex market behaves in three different modes: Ranges, Reverses or Trends and the software helps traders to identify what is happening in the market and how to trade at that time. The software gives the trader rules and a system to follow for entering trades. The software also has visual indicators that allow the trader to easily follow the rules. The software has 3 different sets of rule for each mode that the market is operating in. In addition to having charting software, the charts come with live instructors that teach subscribers how to trader every day that the market is open. The goal is to teach traders to learn to trade the Forex market.


I would rate this product as excellent because the software delivers what it promises. That means that the software gives traders the help they need to learn the Forex market. The first thing that must be mentioned is the integrity of the people of the company, their motto is "no trader left behind" and they live that motto. They put the time in to teach traders how to trade and not just how to follow their signal. I highly recommend this product because the people are what make the software work.
I rate the functionality of the software as excellent because the trading rules work and keep traders in trades longer. The rules find harmony in the market and the rules take advantage of the harmony. The software also notes when large amounts of money come into or out of a currency which enables traders to know when the large investors enter trades which enables traders to trade alongside professional traders.
There is one negative point which I will mention and that is that the charts crash quite often. When that happens the program automatically closes and I have to open the software again. It is a pain to deal with but with all the benefits and the fact that the traders teach me to trade overrides that software glitch.

Overall, I rate this product a 9 out of 10 because the charts deliver on the promise of helping Forex traders. The charts are easy to use and understand and the rules to the trades are clearly stated. I recommend this product to anyone that has had difficulty in achieving profitability in their Forex trading. This product is worth every minute of time and money invested in those who have a willingness to be Forex traders.
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