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One thing I do that helps me to open good trades and avoid bad trades is a Forex Checklist. This checklist has a list of rules that must be in place before I enter a trade. I have found that if you create a checklist, it will assist in having the discipline to stick to your plan.

The best part of having this list is that it is not complicated or difficult to remember. Actually, the list is very easy and after using it a few times, good trading habits begin to form. By using the forex checklist, I have developed my trading profits have gone up because this technique has increased my trading winning percentage. Also, read about Personality Strengths and Weakness in Forex.

Our Recommended Forex Checklist

  • First, I identify the trend and look for trades that fall within the direction of the trend.
  • Next, I find the signal that I will enter the trade.
  • Then I identify support and resistance points.
  • Last, I determine the amount that I am going to risk on the trade.

After these steps are in place, I place the trade and log them in my forex trading journal. I think you will find that something as easy as a simple forex trader checklist can dramatically improve your trading.

Trading doesn't have to be complicated to become successful. It is best to keep it as simple as possible so as not to outsmart yourself. We also have training for building a foundation before a forex strategy matters.

Please share any checklists that you have developed that have helped you in your trading in the comments section. Do you have a pre-trading checklist? What does your forex checklist contain? These tips will help all of us become better traders.

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