– Welcome Affiliates! –

Before you go any further, go ahead and meet our team here at TSG by visiting our about us page right now.

We offer a variety of indicators, trainings, coaching, and other training material.

We offer an impressive minimum of 50% commission on all of our our products.

Some of our low dollar offers are even set to 75-100% commission!

You will find that most of our offers will convert very well to your financial list or social following that you have. Some offers we see will conver from 5-15% depending on a varietly of factors. The affiliate program we use is called This is one of the top websites for affiliate sales available and you can rest assured that the tracking will always work!  Once we establish a working relationship with you, we will add you on our “instant commission list” You will be defaulted to “delayed commission” which is paid 30 days after the sale of the product.

The way the tracking works is, last affiliate wins. Meaning, the last affiliate link that the customer clicked the commission will go that affiliate.

So with all of that in mind, lets help you get set up and start making money today!

– Step #1 –

You will want to join our facebook affiliates group here!    Our affiliate manager will keep you up-to-date on all of our new products and relaunches that will take place! We also run occasion holiday sales that will convert like crazy!

– Step #2 –

You will also want to join our affiliate email list which you can do so by simply submitting this form below:

*Note Please leave a message for our affiliate manger if you have any questions for us! We do run occasional promotions for partners and also emaills swaps and paid advertisements. Let our team know what you have in mind and we will get back with you soon.

– Step #3 –

Now you will want to register on Jvzoo by following this link here:

Once you configure your account and add your payment profile and accept all of the terms and conditions you are now ready to search for our products to promote!

– Step #4 –

To find our products simple go here in the search bar:

AND search for “tradingstrategyguides”

Once you do that you will see all of our products that you are eligible to promote!

To get your link, once you are approved, simply click on “get links”

And use this link. You will notice that you will be set as default “delayed” commission, which will get sent to you 30 days after the sale. Once we get a working relationship with you we will set you to “instant”

You can also visit our Profile page here to find all of our products that we offer.

Please make sure you sign up to our mailing list now and we will send you over some other information to get started!

We look forward to working with you!