Article Of becoming a Trader.
So many people want to make money trading. Sounds good right?
Find a strategy or a technique in fact why not just follow a trader taking live trades. Get rich trading the markets, I love the sound of that.
However that is not how life works.
This article is going show you why that doesnt work and what you actually have to do to get rich trading.
If you are reading this article looking to become rich trading then you need to get some things straight if you want to make it successfully.
Most people that I talk to have the completely wrong mindset when it comes to trading successfully.
They believe if they get the right strategy and get access to a trading pro, it will be easy street from there.
That is wrong thinking and if you think like that you need to change your thinking right now so you get on the right track so that you can become successful in trading. Also read how to make money trading.
I am not writing this to insult anyone but I wonder how people begin to think like this in the first place because it is so off base.
Let me give you an example.
Baseball is a great sport and millions of highschool baseball players every year dream of being the next Pittsburgh pirate alls star.
So what do those young people do?
They see his stance and they imatate it.
They follow his mannerisms on the field and copy him.
They buy the same shoes,bat and glove.
They watch all his films and and read all his books.
After they do all of those things when they step on the field will they become the nextkutch?
The answer is no of course not!
You step onto the field you would be terrible. you would get kicked out of the big leagues.
and you know why?
Because he is a ball player, it is who he is.
He is a ball player because of all the hours of extra practice that no one knows about. What he does when no one is looking. The years of training, the years of failure, the years of perservernce and practicing to become great.
He is who is not just because of the time he spent practice.
It is how he practiced.
he practiced his stance, his form.
He practices disipline to keep measurements to make sure he is hitting his objectives.
He disciplines what he eats so that he his body stays fit so he can perform on the field.
He talks to coaches and gets feedback and works with them to become successful.
He reads books and works on his mind because he knows that baseball is as much about the mind as it is body.
To summarize he is a student of the game and has dedicated his entire life to be great at what he does.
His greatness is not a specific technique he uses, it is a visible outflow of who he is and what he has become.
His lifestyle and disipline and dedication is what got him here.
This is impossible to duplicate unless you are willing to do down the same path.
That is why there are few professional baseball players and fewer still who are great professional baseball players.
This is true in every single field you want to become great in.
Whether is be teacher, doctor, lawyer etc. Here is an example of master candle setup.
This is espeically true in trading, there are some who will make it but very fiew become great.
Just because you download a strategy guide doesnt mean you will be a great trader. You may have a great mind and great natural talent but that isnt enough to be great because there will be people that are smarter than you and will work hard than and people that are willing to go through the disciplines that you are notwilling to go through.
What can You do to ensure trading success?