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Winner's Edge Trading takes pleasure in helping traders meet their financial goals through our training, free services, and our premier services. Here is a selection of testimonials demonstrating how Winner's Edge Trading has assisted numerous Forex Trader's in their investing!

Dear Chris,

I would like to thank you very much indeed for your valuable teaching during trading. The strategy (ies) you apply and your way of thinking are really incredible.

I, m a forex trader for more than 12 years now and I honestly declare that I feel more confident after following you in the trading room for only 5 weeks now.

I also increased my winning percentage from 45 as an average to more than 60. My problem is that I intervene and close prematurely my winning trades. I’ll try to overcome this drawback and I, m in apposition to say that I made good progress.

As English is not my mother language, I have some difficulties to follow you when you speak very quickly and especially when you speak of something while the chart that presents is irrelevant.

Continue the good work

I wish you the best

Nearchos Roumbas from Cyprus
August 2013

Hi Chris,

I am feeling a lot more comfortable with my confidence in my ability to read the chart and what is the probability

This week I missed trades on the EURAUD and the GBPAUD and the USDJPY which was expensive but I had them drawn up as enties where to take profit but as it was the Asia session I did not place pending

When I came back in all three has taken off So I was rewarded with my read but need to back myself more

So heading in a good direction and looking forward to September when the market should be better after the holidays

So thanks your comments and help and see four touches place the order

August 2013

I enjoyed reading your articles with hands-on experiences, very valuable! Keep up the good work, and I'd join the conversations.

- Rachel Chueh
August 2013

"Yes, your articles and references are very illustrates and usefully for us."

"You has started to become something like "our hero" in the forex!. :)"

"See you around Chris and keep going with your good job on forex!!.. We the people of the forex loves you!.. :)"

"Let me tell you that I read all your articles and comments! Your analysis is super and I think that I could learn a lot of you."

- Sarbe
August 2013

"Thanks Chris, would surely love to have a copy of the trading room strategy! Taking time to comprehend as am a novice at this. Very much enjoyed going thru your mentorship videos!

...Yup, Have gone thru all the mentoring stuff. Will probably need to replay the Elliot wave stuff! Should say that you have simplified things to the finest details..."

July 2013

"thanks I got 150 pips on EUR move"

taxfreelt (disqus username)

June 2013

"thanks for another great week of analysis guys since joining you guys i have completely changed the way i trade gone from winning 60% of my trades and making no money to 35% and seeing my account grow by 8% a month."


April 2013

April 2013

"Thank you for a great opportunity to enjoy the most awesome trading system I've ever had seen. Quiet Time Trader had already earned 7.18% profit since April 11, and I love it!"


April 2013

"@caseystubbs One day is not a performance record, but after my first day on QTT, the account is up over 2%. Impressed."

Dave Hanna

April 2013

"@ForexNathan I did over 100 pips...Im out of it now though. I don't hold long enough to see if it would break recent highs. Thanks!"

Kevin Chenard

April 2013

"You were correct this time (over 123 pips)."

Rick Heath

April 2013

"Dear Chris,

What a great article!!! Thanks so much for putting it together and making
it available. I intend to print this article out and re-read it on a
regular basis, until I can commit it to memory!! As a newbie, I sincerely
appreciate all the outstanding content you guys provide on a daily basis.
Winners Edge Trading ROCK's!!!!

Thanks again and best wishes in all you do."


February 2013

"came back to tell you….I have made more $$$ watching Nathan's "Daily Analysis" including my long in the AUD/JPY now up $1,861.00 so….has paid for the service and was glad to do so. Felt like I owed you for all the free and great information on your website. Thank you so much for having such a great website and being so professional. Truly a privelege!"

Josh McAllister

January 2013

Dear Casey,

I can't speak for everyone else, but as far as I'm concerned you're
absolutely right!! Those of us on this list really are lucky to get the
type of awesome/insightful analysis that Nathan provides for FREE!! I'm
still pretty new to all this trading stuff, so I'm not actually trading
just yet.. But, I really do appreciate all the great training/education
I've been getting from Nathan's outstanding market analysis (please be sure
to pass along my sincere gratitude!).. My plan is to start trading a mini
account (as apposed to a demo acct) in the next week or so, thanks in part
to what I've learned from Nathan and the confidence I've gained.. And just
so you'll know, I'm even going to open a Face Book acct (at 54, I'm not a
real big fan of social media), just so I can spread to word about how
awesome you guy's are at Winner's Edge Trading.. Anyway, thank you very
much (and everyone at Winner Edge) for providing all the great content for
those of us that are struggling to learn how to become successful traders
on a shoe string budget.. You guy's are the best!!

Best Wishes in all do...

Very Sincerely

January 2013

“Hi Casey, just to wish you and all your support team a very Happy Christmas and all the best for 2012. I wish you luck with all your plans for W/E next year and look forward to another year trading with you. As I have said before, without W/E I would have given up a long time ago. Many thanks!”


“Thanks so much! I very much like your company and service. you folks are the best in the forex world... aprreciate all of you very much-it is a refreshing change from most of the others! I don't see aanything you could do better than you do now!thanks again...”


“Thanks for your prompt reply. There's something special about winnersedgetrading and its team and I like it. “


“These tools are awesome, thank you so much for sharing them,
they sure makes managing my trades in MT4 much easier.

Kind Regards”


“...I haven't told you this, not because I'm ungrateful, but just because I've not taken time and opportunity to show my long, overdue gratefulness! Please forgive me. Your FREE tutoring via your emails, your website and webinars have been extremely insightful and helpful in assisting me on my way to becoming a profitable, independent, self-sustaining trader....


“Hi Casey,

Just wanted to thank you for the daily Forex analysis you have been sending.

Your daily watch of the currency pairs is very informative and also much appreciated.

As an Aussie farmer I sometimes sold our grain on the export market and always kept an eye on exchange rates as our export trade is priced in U.S. Dollars.

Although now retired at a young 64 ,you have sparked that interest once again and could not resist ordering Bill’s Forex PrifitCaster through your email.

Becoming your student and applying your skills in the market will be a pleasure for me and hopefully not too much of a challenge for you!!!

Kind Regards”


“Tell Casey that the article " A Tool to create wealth"
after two years of not winning or losing hit home. I have framed this
article over my computer and feel that it might in a big way put me on the
right track.”


“Please tell Casey thankk you for the great information and I look forward to learning more from him and the Winner's Edge team”


“Thanks for providing the free daily analysis and equally impressive, free Trading Strategy Manual (still can’t believe it’s free!).. Also, I just visited your web site and was pleasantly surprised by all the great content, so I’ll definitely be spending some quality time there! At 54, I’m still pretty to new to all this trading stuff, but I’m learning more and more day by day and absolutely determined to figure it out! And it’s refreshing to find someone/anyone that cares enough about new traders to provide a considerable amount of “quality trading information” (without charging an arm & leg) for free!! Anyway, I sincerely appreciate, admire and respect you for all your efforts. I’m sincerely looking forward to getting to know you guy’s at Winner Edge Trading “a lot” better and potentially taking advantage of some of your premium services in the very near future..

Thanks again for everything!!”


"All is going perfect and I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and to express my appreciation for the work of Sophia and Mike in the trading room. Both are excellent traders and moderators and despite being a profitable full-time FX trader it is indeed much more pleasant to have their company and insights while I am trading. It seems that I have found my trading home...

Thanks again. Looking forward to a long and profitable trading life together."

- John (twitter ID: js_trader)

"I went in live room with Sophia today. It was one the best trading lessons i ever had i wonder if i can turn my trial version into a normal membership? ...



"Hello Sophia,

After 1 week in the room, I want to drop you a quick email to say how much I appreciate your trading ideas and the way you explain things. I have been a full-time FX trader (yes, I survived the initial steps) for a few years, and was finding it very challenging to trade on my own - it can be quite lonely sometimes. It is indeed great to have an intelligent company with such a refreshing approach. Most of my trading is based on harmonic patterns and areas of S/R and it fits quite well with yours!

Thank you!
John Santos"

"Dear Michael,

In addition to an excellent and informative website, The Winners Edge
Trading website, Casey Stubbs has provided access to a premium live
trading room (under the premium membership), that is educational and highly profitable.

Michael Storm, a professional scalper, Tim Black and Sophia Todoraova mentor the trading rooms during the major sessions.

I truly appreciate being a member of this elite group of traders. I
feel like I am I being mentored by caring & seasoned interbank traders.

The education, encouragement, stories and their caring personalities
keep me coming back for more. I consider Casey, Michael, Tim and Sophia
to be friends who truly care about my growth as a trader. I wish that I
could take every advantage of the benefits of each session.

The real testament of the caliber of the Winner Edge Trading Premium service is the quality of the members it attracts. Their breadth of knowledge and analysis is impeccable. As Michael Storm says it is a
wonderful thing to have many eyes and many opinions watching the market
action. Market news, Peter's (one of the many members) analysis of the
yen, Michael's daily pre-market top down analysis... and other pro's like ...Jamie, John, Marcel....

Because of my membership I am a much better trader and due to the
excellent educational benefits I can see myself soon becoming a great

I also highly recommend the Winners Edge Trading Video membership. I have
researched and purchased many educational programs and videos. My buck
stops here. This is the best. Michael Storm presents trading methods
and techniques that are extremely powerful and very simple.

Thank you.

Respectively yours,

Daryl Koster"


WOW, you guys are unreal. I never would imagine a response that fast. I just e-mailed Michael with some questions and he got right back to me. Thanks a million for the fast response and I'm really liking you guys, you're all great in my book !!!!

Thanks again,

Carl Schmidt"

"I absolutely love the trading room and I have been part of it since it started.

I would never dream of leaving the group. The last year has been amazing and I look forward to every day I trade with you guys.

Allison Strahorn"

"No, thank you. Thanks to you & Casey I had a 8% week. You all make it clear and easy to trade"

Brad Johnson

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