Why you Desperately Need our Trading Dashboard

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You can begin trading the Strategy RIGHT AWAY just by following the Tools:

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Winners Edge in the news black and white

Here are a few examples of how the DTT Method has done this in the past few months:










































So, how do you get your hands on these tools so you can make those trades?


Quite Easily, In fact!


  • Click the Button at the bottom of the page

  • Fill out your info and join at the lowest price ever for the tools.

  • Within 30 Seconds you’ll receive an email with login instructions.

  • Login to the Member’s Area and Download your New Tools ūüôā¬†

  • The Download is quick and automatic, you don’t need to do anything

  • When you Re-Open your terminal, Just Select the Double Trend Trap Template


The tools are designed for the Metatrader 4 platform because it is the most widely used platform for Currency trading.

If you don’t use MT4, Demo Accounts are free, so it’s easy to download a demo for the tools and simply place your trades in another account while getting the signals from MT4.



Important Bonus to take Note Of:




        Free NY Session Trading Room ! (199/Month Value)


The New York Session trading room is built around the DTT Method. Chris Svorcik, our host, has been trading this method for a long time and is the perfect mentor to help you fully understand the method (though you don’t really need to understand it to trade the signals), confirm good entries with you live and help you manage the trades effectively.

Our Trading Room alone is typically 199 USD Per Month. The value is based on both the education you receive in the room AND the trade calls that are made during the room.


Here’s a few recent examples:


**DTT Member’s with an active subscription also get every update or enhancement to the DTT tools.


197 dtt cross


Just 97 USD Per Month


 Or Save 50% and Get the Tools for a Full Year:





Do the tools show every DTT entry?

Yes, the DTT Tool Set will paint the Entry Candle green for Buy and red for Sell

What time frame do the tools work on?

The tools work on any time frame, but the entry signals are best generated on the 1 Hour chart

Why are you offering a discount?

Because we value you as a new member and what to give you the best service we can.

How is the trend calculated?

We use an algorithm on the Daily chart and confirm it with an Algorithm on the 4 Hour chart to find the best trends.

How do you manage trades?

We use a trailing stop which finds ‘continuation highs/lows’ and hides the stop behind them. This is a method we’ll teach in the trading room and the tools will automatically show you where the stop should be.

How many pips can I expect to make with the tools?

With the strategy we use,  the average pip gain varies a lot. With a trailing stop, you will see many small winners and many huge winners.

Is two hours enough time for the room?

Yes, we set up all the trade ideas and possibilities, so even if the trade is not triggered in the room, you know what to do later!

What pairs are covered?

We cover a WIDE range of pairs. Starting with the majors and working our way to more minor crosses like CAD/JPY, AUD/NZD, NZD/CAD, etc.

How many trades occur per week?

Typically, the tools will give you 5 – 15 trades in a given week.

Will you teach us the strategy you’re using or is “a secret”?

Yes! We are happy to teach and train you so that you know our strategy–that’s what we’re all about here!

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can definitely cancel any time you’d like, just email support.

Do I lock in the 97 Per Month Price if I join Now?

Yes! Even after we raise the price, you lock in the discount!

How Do I Join?

Just click the big orange button, fill out the form and Access the tools!


Just 97 USD Per Month


 Or Save 50% and Get the Tools for a Full Year: