Budgeting 101

Let's chat about budgeting...

Would you like to have a pile of money like this in every corner of your biometrically secured, underground, steel vault?

Then you need a budget... 🙂

It is possible that your initial goal isn't to have massive seas of “Benjamins” to swim in under your 3.2 million dollar home. Maybe you are looking to get out of debt and/or stay out of debt. You could have a desire to invest but are not sure if you are in a position to. If your a parent, you want money saved up for your children's education. How can we begin to break through the paycheck to paycheck mentality and see these things come to pass?

We need a budget. The process may not be easy but, the answer is simple.

When you live with purpose budgeting makes sense. When you have a vision for your life, you have goals. When you have goals, you need a plan to meet the goals. With a plan, you need to execute it with consistency.

Budgeting is the catalyst to progress in your financial life. It's a simple concept that we can tend to complicate especially if we are not integrating it already. Some people are intimidated by having a budget but really it is just intentional spending. It's spending your money on paper before the month even begins. A budget is your friend! It will help not hurt.

pile of money
When you have a racing mind and you're just floating through life, it is easy to cringe at anything that suggests order. ORDER IS GOOD. A budget will bring order to your finances and set you up for success. Control your money, don't let it control you. A good mentality is that your money should work for you, not you work for it.

Be encouraged today to start a budget. Give it a few months to fully develop and start working.

To make a sample budget: Click here.